Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Baskets/Cones...

Yes, I realize this is June and May has come and gone (quickly I say) however I am running behind and I admit it. I made these for some May gifts just because. Remember the days of May baskets? Hanging a small gift of flowers on someone's door and ringing the bell and running off before they opened the door? Well I didn't do this with my cones. I thought about it and would have tried but I don't run so fast anymore and my vehicle is NOT quiet (at my request). I believe custom race car tuned exhaust helps warn the deer that I am on the roadways. But I digress...
I used hard paper cones that come from spools of yarn. Covered them in music paper. some lace and buttons and ribbon. Crinkled paper shreds for a "nest" and an egg to add ambiance. Very quick and easy to do. The ladies seemed to like them.

We had a beautiful day of sunshine which is so nice after the tremendous amount of rain and winter we have had right through yesterday. I understand we have had over 87 inches of rain in just under a year. No shortage of water table for us here. I tried to send rain to Texas and Florida but it never got that far. It made it to Utah where my aunt lives however she has had her fill too.

May you enjoy your week and make something creative...


  1. Pretty, pretty! Love to craft too! Thanks for the inspiration and have a creative day!


  2. So lovely, and sweet, love the brown schredded paper you filled inside .a very loving little gift,dear.

  3. These are so pretty. I still haven't made one single paper cone. I have three or four paper mache ones ready to go. I feel a project coming on!

  4. Your cones are so lovely! I think it is great that you re purposed them, and I love the little egg inside.
    Maybe you can save them for next May and give them away then.

  5. Yep here I am in Orlando waiting for your rain...Love your May baskets! Now I have to get a new picture of you in my head driving a race car!!


  6. Hi
    What a beautiful idea. Love these.

  7. These are precious. I'm very partial to nests and eggs! Thanks for stopping by for a visit to my blog :)

  8. These are SO beautiful - I just love them!!! :)


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