Sunday, June 5, 2011

Remake of ReMarthable...

Is this bag ReMarthable? You probably have one of these same bags. I got this "free" when I paid my subscriptions to some Martha Stewart publications. When I received it I couldn't believe the super short handles. What on earth would anyone use this bag for with these useless short handles? If you are shopping you want your hands free and probably want to put your bag over your shoulder. So I put it in a pile and forgot about it. Useless bag?

Where is your quality control Martha? How could you put your name on such a piece of poor workmanship? This photo is not an optical illusion. The handles really are this crooked! You can see why I merely threw this bag into the pile of "deal with it later" stuff. Throw it away? Me? Never.

Hmmm...I have an idea for this bag. When will I ever get to it? NOW. Now has come.

Here is the bag shown with a very small piece of fabric I picked up for 50 cents one day. I just liked the colors in this piece. They look like watercolors in happy Spring hues. Besides the piece was just 50 cents. How could I not buy it for only 50 cents? :o)

So in the spirit of doing things NOW I have deconstucted the bag of poor quality and useless handles. Martha...Martha...Martha! Your bag already looks so much better.

I am so very happy with my "new" bag. It has handles that fit over my shoulder so my hands are free to shop. It has pockets on the front and back which before it had no pockets. No pockets? Where would I put my shopping list? Or my bottle of water and snack? What kind of bag has no pockets? I added some delicate lace just because I like lace and feminine. I also pinned on one of my fabric and lace flowers just for fun.

Now this bag is functional and fun.

Martha I hope you are taking notes.

It feels so good to have this project completed. Maybe I'll go shopping this week.

Happy and productive week to each of you...


  1. How beautiful it is now, dear friend- a totally different and much more usable bag-I love it :)

  2. Your bag looks so much nicer now! I'll have to think about how to re-make some of the unusable bags I have in my stash. It's easy to see why you use the name Createology. I believe you have a doctorate in creativity!

  3. By golly, you've topped Martha! Good job!

  4. I love it! It came out just beautiful. Such a pretty bag now. Hope all is well!

  5. You have "out marthaed", Martha!

  6. That's a nice transformation from useless to useful and beautiful!

  7. That turned out beautiful! Was your bag actually 'free' as I thought mine was, and then they charged me $4.00 for 'shipping'? I read the small print now! Especially now that they offer low priced special subscription rates but by doing that we agree to an eternal subscription that you have to 'opt out' to not be automatically renewed every year. Okay, enough of this pet peeve of mine. YOur bag turned out fabulous!!!

    ~ Violet

  8. How true... how could she let that go out.I love what you did and yes you have topped Martha for sure!!!!

  9. WOW, now that is one wonderful bag oh talented girl!! So much better and so pretty too. Love the lace added.
    You know, I have the same bag and I too just put it in a pile for another time. Now you have given me the inspiration for a redesign.
    Have fun shopping!

    So nice to see you today and thank you for the kind comment.
    Have a great week.
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  10. What a transformation, A bag Martha would be proud to put her name on now! I think you need to work within the company and keep them on the straight and narrow!
    hugs lynn

  11. Love the new design of you bag! LOOKS much better than the original :)

  12. Just me again. You won third palce in my blog candy giveaway. Send me your address Sherry and I'll send along your gift.
    Hugs Lynn

  13. I love what you did! Yes, handles need to be longer or at least have both and the option! Me, I want long handles~ Great job!

  14. Great idea, always feels good to make something unique that you will use out of something you never really even used before!


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