Friday, June 3, 2011

Do It NOW in Review...

This lovely photo has nothing to do with my post. I merely took this of the back part of my yard after winter's fury. Lots of work has been done to clean up yet there is a lot more work to be done. This is June and we are still having extreme cold temps, rain, hail and WINTER. Enough I say. Bring on the sunshine please.
As for my word of 2011 I chose NOW. In keeping with my review of how I am doing with NOW hmmm...Let me just say I don't do well without sunshine. I would just as soon stay in bed and pull the covers over my head which isn't conducive to getting things done.
While I was reading through my latest Costco magazine I see the title, Do It Now written by Wally Amos of the former Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie empire. This short article was actually sad however it definitely reminded me of my action word for 2011...NOW.
Wally poses the question, "How often during the course of the day do you put off doing things...calling old friends, apologizing for errors made in judgement, following up on an idea?" Bingo! Following up on an idea? Oh that is me. I put off so many ideas that they get lost or forgotten. What a shame I lose my ideas just because I don't act on them NOW. We have all heard the tired old line, Never put off till later what you can do now. Do it now or it might be too late. You can never turn back the hands of time.
So in review, I am going to really focus (my word of 2010) and try to do things NOW more often. Maybe I will be more inspired by not putting things and ideas and techniques to try off until I never get to them.
As for me I am doing something NOW in order to feel more healthy and fit. Every week I make time for me. I go to Weight Watchers faithfully (this way I feel better about the poor food choices I make far too often). I also set aside time for me as I have been doing Zumba for a couple of months now. Me? Exercise? Do something physical? Not me! Ahh but Zumba is not is dancing and moving around to fabulous music. It is so much fun. I have truly found a form of physical activity that I am enjoying and it is helping me feel very healthy and smart about my life.
Wonderful Weekend to all. May you each spend some time on yourself and may you enjoy something special just because...
Me...I will be acting on the here and NOW and I will be keeping happy healthy thoughts.


  1. lovely photo of your yard sweet friend. My daughters doing zumba too.Hugs and happy Friday

  2. Fascinating yard! I am SO hearing you. It has been very grey here as well. I didn't think that would affect me, but obviously I need more sun to motivate me to use my new glue spreaders! ;^) I'm off to google 'Zomba" as it sounds like MY kinda exercise.

  3. a beautiful and tranquil yard! and GUESS WHAT? I got the most beautiful lace/fabric flower in the mail today...all beautifully packaged and tied with a ribbon bow :) Thank you so much for thinking of me :)

  4. I hear you, the rain and grey skies just never seem to end this year.
    Your yard looks beautiful none the less and as for your word NOW. I can't wait to say NOW I'm back! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  5. I don't do well without sunshine, either! My husband is even worse. NOW: a great word for all of us. And being in the now is also a goal of mine.


  6. Beautiful peaceful and uplifting..i love nature!Your space is magical!

    And yay Congrats to you on this powerful lovely you are making time for you and focussing on what you need to empower you..shine on..wishing you many sparkles and blessings along the way..Happy Now!! Enjoy!

  7. You have a stunning yard! What a gorgeous view and how inspiring it must be! I hope sunshine and warm temperatures will be there soon! I love your "word" and think I could apply that to myself as well. I certainly put off the hard things until a later time and sometimes not at all. Thanks for the reminder! Have a lovely weekend, friend!! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by! It's so nice to meet you! Have a happy day! Twyla

  9. I've heard others say that about zumba. Good for you!

  10. beautiful yard sherry. dont be too hard on yourself with regard to your goals! we need to strike a balance between setting and meeting our goals & beating our selves up when we aren't able to do it all...i would do well to take my own advice in this regard!! I have wanted to try zumba at my gym. it sounds like great fun! i wish you sunshine & warm weather sherry!!!

  11. So True!! We always think that we will remember those ideas that we have..... sadly we don't... :(

    Thanks for the reminder! And thanks for coming by and leaving such nice comments. :)

    Have a great week!

  12. Look what we have in common...I go to WW also, the new program does not allow me to lose as quick as the old plan, but it is something I can live with. I like Zumba also but spinnning is my drug of choice, I have been doing it for years. Good luck with NOW!


  13. I have just found your blog and am following! I love your power word NOW. I think I may have to adopt it as well if you dont mind. I have a serious case of procrastination and putting things off. So 'now' with your power word in mind off I go!
    Julie (Australia)


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