Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bottle Cap Necklaces...

 I have been having fun with some bottle caps.  These are not the purchased ones but they are real ones that my friends have popped off the top of their favorite bottle drinks.  Therefore the shapes are not perfect and the backs are original to the advertising or logo of the drink. I love the colors of them too. 
I purchased a sheet of bottle cap circle art...I apologize that I cannot give credit of manufacture name but with me "volume out" is the packaging and it goes first to make more room for art supplies.  I was hand cutting each little circle until I had a 40% off coupon and bought one of my favorite Fiskars easy ergonomic punches that cuts out the 1" circle perfect every time.  Some Ranger Glossy Accents and a little glitter and voila.  This one is particularly appropriate as September is following each of the months of this year as they really do fly past so fast.  I have used organza ribbon in place of the ball chain as I like this look and feel much better. 
This is such a fast and easy make.  Keychains would be this easy as well with just a short ball chain or a keyring loop.  Great gifts for all ages and genders.
Our weather has turned warm however still so perfect.  I am praying for all who are experiencing such horrific wildfires, no rain or too much rain, flooding, tornados and hurricanes.  This year has certainly been extreme for so many.
May creativity Fall into your minds and hands...


  1. I love your idea, my friend. Have never seen this before. You are so clever.
    September hugs, we have had the first day of Fall very windy and lots of rain xoxoxo

  2. It looks wonderful Sherry-
    and so does your pouches beneath,this post.They are both sweet and elegant.
    Hugs, from Dorthe

  3. Your idea is surely 'falling' into my mind, Sherry! lol

  4. Cute necklace idea!! Now just a little spray of walnut ink LOL! You are so right about it leaving blobs! Standing back and misting usually works, but I am usually doing bigger projects so a blob here and there is no big deal. It would be a big deal though if you blobbed your cute little necklaces!


  5. Oh, I love making bottle cap necklaces--and YOURS is fantastic, Sherry!!! and everyone is loving seeing your beautiful creations!!

  6. I have seen so many people purchasing the bottle caps and put them on layouts, but not to use a s a necklace. The saying is just perfect. You always have such great ideas to share.
    Inreagrds to the weather, here in Miami we have been experiencing some yucky weather. Lots and lots of rain everyday and now they say their is another storm out their coming our ways.
    I guess I'll have to keep on creating mini's.

  7. Lovin' your bottle cap art...and YES, time flies! We had some friends over Friday night and I was able to save 5 bottle caps! Here in Iowa, our temps have cooled down...45 degrees right now with a high of 75 degrees! It sure feels like Fall in the morning!

  8. I started collecting bottle caps at one point to make something with but never did. Love your necklaces -- and your Christmas postcards and fabric pouches.

    And happy belated birthday. Celestina Marie certainly sent you some wonderful gifts.

    Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  9. Great idea! I was wondering though if you finish off the cap edges so they don't catch on clothing? I seldom see pop bottles anymore--usually just pop cans. Just think of all the things we threw away as garbage since we were kids...how much of it could be turned into something useful and beautiful? Staggering thought.

  10. I love the display of your fun necklaces.
    I am off tomorrow to a pottery convention in AL. My daughter and I are so excited to learn new thing but most of all have some fun mom~daughter time.
    Smiles to you...

  11. What a cute idea. I love that you put them on organza ribbon. You are so clever. We too are having summer at last. I do worry about the fires though as we near 90 degrees. Have a fun filled week.

  12. Such fun caps Sherry, Don't you just love that punch, makes it so much easier!!!
    hugs Lynn
    keep enjoying that beautiful weather and hope it sticks around awhile!

  13. Oh you talented girl, this is an awesome idea. The possiblities are endless. Love the one you share.
    Glad you got the punch for them too.

    I am sharing your thank you gift in my post tomorrow. I am still over the moon excited to own this pretty from your talented hands.
    Thank you again so much!

    Thank you for coming over for tea today.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    XO Celestina Marie

  14. Hi Sherry! These necklaces are just so charming. The caps with their cute crimpy edges are such perfect little frames for the sweet art you put inside...and I really like the soft organza necklace part too. What a great project! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great night, Sweetie! xo Paulette :)

  15. What a sweet idea. The best bottle cap I've ever seen :-) Love the display too.xo Katherine
    P.S. new giveaway started today

  16. Sherry, I love these! What a great project and they turned out perfectly! Well done! You are an amazing creator : )

  17. Lovely ideas to make use of the bottle caps. Waiting for more such ideas. Thanks for sharing these.


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