Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Snail Mail...

 A short while ago one of the blogging community favorites posted about snail mail.  I adore Lori Anderson and her blog so I got busy.  I had been brewing an idea in my head but this was finally time to act.  I got out the canvas and cut out a snail.  Then I got some lace and began my design.  I sewed the lace into a gather and then handstitched it to the canvas snail base.  Got out my Derwent Inktense colored pencils and put some facial features and color to the body. 
 I signed the back and off my little snail went in the mail.  All the way to Lori.  She was very pleased.
I actually made three of my little snails.  I just find them super cute.  Two of them are still home with me.  They haven't decided where to travel.  You know it takes them a while to get anywhere.  Slow and steady.  That is also how my brain works...slow and steady.  Yes, I have been told I am too literal but hey, snail mail in this case really did fit. 
I hope you are filled with lots of inspiration and time to create your art. 
September is surrendering to Fall and the days are less light and the temps are cooling down and the leaves are truly falling...


  1. Now that's punny. lol Love your mail snails Createology! Our trees are turning too, with the swamp maples already red and burgundy. The fall chill is in the air and we may have frost this weekend. Hope your days are sunny and filled with what you love.

  2. That is a very clever idea!

    Just thought you'd like to know... I'm doing a chicken unit starting next week with the kindergarteners next week. Guess who the star will be? Ms. Saucy Chick, of course!

  3. Sherry, they are cute-and looks so happy, - here fall have started too, wind and rain -followed by 5 minutes sun :)

  4. How fun to see your artsy side come out and explore. I am sure your work will come out beautiful. Art is a gift, from within. You can follow some instructions but at the end you will be doing your own thing. That is the art side of you coming out.
    By the way, your snail are beautiful. Love all the lace wrap in a circle.


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