Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunflowers Make Me Happy...

I think Sunflowers are a very happy flower and they totally make me smile. 
This little photo is actually cut off the postcard flyer sent out by our local Farmers Market.  I just couldn't resist saving this for future crafting. 
I would love to have them growing in my yard however I don't have enough sunshine for them.  All those lovely tall pine, cedar and oak trees block all sunlight that these gorgeous flowers require. 
Do you prefer the yellow versions or the orange versions or the deep red/maroon sunflowers? 
September surrenders to the coming of Autumn and the leaves are falling.  I have been picking up the very large oak leaves already.  We also have huge Crimson King Maple trees and those leaves are falling too. 
The weather is turning cooler at nights.  Thunderheads form over the mountains but we have had zero rain all summer.  I would welcome a refreshing rainstorm...hold the lightening please as it is so dangerous for creating fires and we are much to dry and wooded for any of those. 
The deer are getting bolder as they need to forage for food.  We have a mother and her twin fawns who have been coming everyday to feed and the littles actually swim in our pond.  I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  Yesterday I had to shoo off the father and son who were dining on my poor mock oranges that they strip bare every year.  I do enjoy seeing the deer however they are so voracious and their saliva actually kills many of our plants we have worked so hard to grow.  It is a constant struggle for me...the deer were here first yet our home has been here for at least the 14 years we have lived here.  We have now had many generations of deer who just love our landscaping.  Hmmm...
Maybe I should try growing sunflowers after all and get more birds attracted than deer.  Do you think that would work? 
Happy Sunflower week to all...lots of smiles and happiness...


  1. I love sunflowers too but have only grown them once. They were beautiful and in all the colours you mentioned and I loved how they looked, bright and happy against the dark green of the hedge. Next year when I create my vegetable garden I will use them for a border at one end.
    It must be hard to see all your lovely plants get chewed up by the deer - I have sometimes wondered if it's possible to create a "deer-feeder" garden area and plant a few things just for them. We them here but our yard is fenced so they seem to stay away but a good friend has all the troubles you mention. Good luck!

  2. I love the traditional sunflower - bright yellow! I alos loved reading your post... when we first moved into this house which backs up to a golf course, we had deer, but not so much now.

    What I use to discourage the rabbits is a product called "blood meal", sounds horrible I know, but it is harmless and it keeps them away from my flowers! I just sprinkle it around the plants. It's suppose to ward off deer too! Anyway, I now enjoy my flowers and my neighborhood bunnies!

    Happy creating my blogging friend!

  3. Yes, you should definitely try growing sunflowers again...maybe you'll have more luck with the sunshine this time around. And I don't have a favorite kind of sunflower...they're all wonderful!

  4. They tried to plant sunflowers here along the walking path earlier in the year but even the heat we have here was too much for them and they all shriveled up and died. A few of the plants I potted the other day are already succumbing to the heat. It's just still too hot for much out there right now.

    It is so true that the deer were there first. And the more man builds and takes away from their habitat, the more they are looking to the homes around them for food. They don't know the difference between your garden and the food in the forest. They are just doing what they are meant to do.

    Hope your day is great. Tammy

  5. Be happy, Sherry! The deer are becoming ever more bolder but so far so good. Yellow is my favorite colour but I like the more mellow yellows and those burgundy/rust sunflowers are very yummy. Our drought is ended and the heat is somewhat less. I'm wanting to paint and Murphy's Law is in operation- it's not as hot but now its raining! oh well! I'll be happy with you!

  6. I loved sunflowers too. I'm always so fascinated when I'm lucky enough to see real ones growing. I hope you give it a try!

  7. I would love to grow sunflowers, I think you should! Oh, I wish you would send some cool evenings to Orlando...I can't wait. Oh, by the way, I think my pink box could be a hat box!


  8. Wow, the photo is beautiful. I also love sunflowers but do not have them in my garden. I like cactuses, even though I don't have many because of my dog. Scared he will get a thorn in his nose. LOL. Many homes around ours have them and they look so nice. I love the yellows
    I can't believe you have deers. Them coming out to your home must be breathe taking. We have had lots of rain all summer. WHat happened to the sunshine state? They should call Florida the water state. But thank goodness for water. Our yard is blooming and looks beautiful.
    Take pictures one day and post them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Those are the Kansas state flower and are just now starting to come into bloom. I love to see the big fields of them!

  10. I love sunflowers, all colors and varieties. You know deer do not like lavender. It's strong heady scent keeps them away and dog or cat hair.
    Place the hair around the plants and they won't touch them. I love seeing the deer visit~ I wish for rain, our area is so dry~ Take Care, so glad you shared!

  11. Such a sunny and happy flower! I only grew tham once!

    It must have been quite a sight to see those deer in your pond.Esp the fawns! My MIL has the same problem, deer and elk eating all her plants, shes tried everything! some of her more precious plants shes had to build a wire cage around them. I guess thats the price paid to live around such beautiful animals.
    hugs Lynn


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