Thursday, September 22, 2011

Giving and Receiving...

This blogging community continues to inspire me and overwhelm me with its incredible generosity.  The amount of inspiration that is shared on a daily basis is just so amazing. 
Do you love to read comments left on your blog posts?  I certianly love to read them.  I think they are the one thing that really speak to me about how I am doing as a blogger and as a crafter and as a person.
I do not always respond to every post however once in a while there are those comments that just call out to me. 
 I have said before I have not had any formal giveaways because I like to send surprises to my loyal blog commenters.  A few posts ago I showed a Wizard of Oz ATC.  One of my followers really liked the little ruby slippers and asked where I got them.  Long ago and no longer to be found and not even any manufacturers name is what I had to reply to her.  So instead I offered to send her one of mine. In return completely surprising me she made and sent this beautiful thank u card and beaded charm.  Her name is Ana of Scrappy Pink Corner .  She creates adorable mini albums and I am smitten with them. 
 Along with the beautiful card and charm she included this giant envelope chock full of the most fun elements that I can now use to create wonderful cards and albums and lots of great projects.  To say I was overwhelmed would be a gross understatement.  I gave her so little and yet she gives me so much.  Life is like get what you give.  No, not literally but in the sense that if you are generous and giving then you shall also receive much good in your life and that is exactly what has happened here. 
Mr. C has always told me I am generous to a fault!  Now that I didn't could being generous with others be a fault?  He explained that I do not have money or wealth to share with others as I need what little I have to support me (this was when I was single and struggling).  I also over volunteer my time.  For me it is about the giving to others to help them or share my supplies or talents and that my friends FEEDS MY SOUL AND MAKES ME SO VERY HAPPY!  Money cannot buy that.  Having things cannot buy that. 
So THANK YOU Ana.  Your generosity is so very appreciated and this is what life is about...happiness!
Now for using these fabulous goodies you sent me and creating beautiful pieces of pleasure. 
P.S.  I always ask before I post something I have received so as not to put the giver in a possible uncomfortable position. 
Don't you agree that this blogging community is amazing and generous and kind and creative? 
Do each of you enjoy reading your comments? 
Do you check older posts to see if anyone has gone back and left a comment you may have missed? 
I do!  I really do find it to be wonderful feedback for me.
Now I am off to get crafting... 


  1. i too love the blogging community.
    such wonderful people out there.
    so positive and supportive.
    smiles to you today.

  2. Yes Sherry, this blogging comunity is fantastic, and so generous- and you are a very sweet and kind and generous blogger yourself.
    Your gifts are wonderful all, and such a sweet act, from Ana.

  3. I have found wonderful, openhearted people in blogland, and am grateful they are in my life. I think the energy one gives out, comes back home, so it's no wonder you received such goodies from Ana.
    Blessings & Hugs

  4. That is a lovely surprise! Yes, I do believe the blogging community is fantastic! I've met such lovely, generous people. I know the comments keep me inspired to keep trying!

  5. You are so welcome. Tell Mr. C he is right. My husband say the same thing to me. I give because I want to, not because I have to. I have found people to give expecting and that is not a true giver. I do hope you are enjoying your goodies and like I said before, if there is anything you see in my post that you would like to have, please just leave me a comment or better yet just send me an email.
    Thank you for mentioning me and my blog.

  6. Awe Sherry, true happiness comes from sharing whatever we can,of ourselves or our art. What a wonderful thing Ana did for you, It really shows just how special you are!
    I Love my blogger friends.
    hugs Lynn

  7. Oh that is soooo wonderful!! and what beautiful treasures!!! (((hugs))) to you, my friend,

  8. Indeed the Land of Blog is a wonderful place. I have tried a number of times to share my playroom with family and friends and neighbours. I have to admit I get more response from fellow bloggers. We really do need to give and share with one another. A beautiful thank you for a beautiful blogger!

  9. What beautiful surprise, sweet Sherry. I love that shade of color. It is so very vibrant and happy.
    Sorry for my absence, ever since school started the days flew by. I could not find the patience to wander around in wonderful blog land. So know that I do have the patience I am off to read the posts I have missed. Your creative ideas are very inspiring to me and I love starting my weekend to inspiring ideas.
    Much love to you my dear friend xxx

  10. bloggy friends are awesome!!! Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.


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