Saturday, September 24, 2011

Studio Activity...

Ahh...the of my favorite rooms in my home.  Mr. C designed and built this room just for me.  It was once a part of the unfinished back part of the home.  It technically is not a basement as it is on the ground floor of our home.  It was all concrete and unfinished studs and not very pleasant.  He transformed it into a beautiful place to spend time.  This photo is of the biannual refinishing of the french door.  Our weather is harsh here in the mountains and due to the snow, rain, sun and just general aging these doors need refinishing every other year.  We have six exterior french doors and they are a ton of work with mega sanding to be done, priming and hand painting around each and every glass pane.  Mr. C is really good at this however this is definitely NOT his favorite thing to do.  He uses very expensive marine primer and paint to help it last better.  It is all oil based and requires massive clean up.  Thank you so very much Mr. C for keeping our home and this lovely studio so nicely.
Hmmm...what is this photo you ask?  In my waste bin I spotted some wadded up clumps and did not recognize them.  I normally have lots of paper and fabric scraps and even more packaging scraps in the container.  Hmmm???  Cloth?  Painted cloth!  Stained cloth!  Mr. C had thrown his used fabric pieces from the painting of the door and I found them.  Hooray!  Now to figure out the perfect use for them.  The cloth is really quite interesting as it must have been one of the damask sheets I cut up for him long ago for rags in his workshop.  No odor...very good.  Not rough...very good.  Oh to set these aside so as not to let him know I have retrieved them for crafting.  *_*  There are just some things I do that he will never understand. 
I did manage to get this little cover made from wool felt.  I do the three month tracker for my Weight Watchers lifestyle plan and this cover fits the tracker nicely.  Actually our meeting has a Traveling Journal that goes home with someone different each week and this cover is for that tracker.  I made one before and it lasted at least three or more months until it got a little sadly worn looking.  This cover is dark purple and has the heart pocket with a beautiful purple butterfly sticker.  I was thinking of inspiration for those choosing a WW lifestyle plan and a fresh beginning as butterflies represent.
What are you doing this lovely first weekend of Autumn?  Our weather is much cooler and the leaves are falling fast.  There is definitely change in the air.  Autumn is the essence of change. 
Blissful inspiration to each and every one...  


  1. What a wonderful man Mr C is! I'm sure you'll put those found cloths to really good use too.

    I've just finished altering an old tin with an Autumn theme but can't post a pic of it until the receipient has it. Apparently here in the UK the weather is forecast to be quite warm next week, 'heatwave' has even been mentioned ... we'll just have to see about that though!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  2. So good to have husbands who work on our homes, isnt it? They certainly require an awful lot of maintenance. Having one's own studio is awesome, too! Mine is a bit messy right now, but it is a favorite place. Happy creating to you, my friend! Enjoy the parts of this weekend that don't need sanding, priming and painting!

  3. How wonderful that you have a studio where you can create! We have wood doors here that need some serious hydration. Our climate is so dry and dusty that everything begins to crack and fade. That travelling journal must be handled a lot if it already needs a new cover. Looks great! Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  4. you could send Mr C over to our gv home. the back decks really need to be sealed and refinished. oh, but it does sound like he is busy on you "honey do" list. getting ready for winter.
    i am currently in sf. cool here. back in gv next week. looking forward to seeing the change of seasons and enjoying the fall air.
    happy crafting to you.
    hugs, Dogwood

  5. Lijepo je imati mali kutak za sebe...
    Pozdrav tebi i MrC, naravno...

  6. All "Crafty" women should have a "Mr.C"!!Love your lovely work space.Can we see more photos of the rest later?

  7. boy, your Mr. C is such a wonderful guy to finish all those pesky tasks on your "honey do" list! and what a bonus to find such a treasure hiding right there in your trash bin.......oh, i know you'll do wonderful things with that! you WW tracker cover is always have a way of making the ordinary look EXTRAordinary!! happy saturday to you! xoxo

  8. Yay for Mr. C! What a great studio! Your home is really something special.

  9. We each have a wonderful 'Mr.C'!
    This weekend I've been painting the inside door and sidelight (last week it was the outside being painted up to 5 coats. ack!) and stitching on some RR CQ blocks. Here, autumn has already made her mark, and the trees are losing their leaves, it seems, too early.
    Have a wonderful, sunny weekend.

  10. Love that french door that leads to the outside. I have been wanting one in my room for months now. Hopefully soon I will get one, then I can make all the noise in the world and hubby not complain that I woke him up. Will you be taking pictures of your studio? I would love to see where you create.
    Can't wait to see what you make with those rags. I am sure you will make a great project. I would probably make flowers with them or use them as a background on one of my layouts.

  11. Looking good :) Mr. C is so sweet to do the painting, priming and sanding on your French doors! My hubby would just refuse! LOL:)

  12. What a guy you have there! Re-doing those doors every other year is a huge task! We do the same to our deck every other year and I hate it but its held up over 25 years!

  13. Great guy your Mr. C. Your door will look great, I'm sure. So nice that you have a room all your own.


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