Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabrics, Laces, Inspirations...

I was browsing through my photo archives and found this folder of three photos.  These were taken one year ago.   My how time flies.  I had almost forgotten these fabulous purchases because they sit in a "Project" drawer.  Most of these pieces of fabric are small 1/8th yard of silks that I thought I would make some flower brooches with.  The gray rolled bit is elastic that is very sturdy and I did use some of it when I made some cuff bracelets.  This Autumn which is here already would be a really good time for me to dig out that "Project" drawer and get busy.  It is a shame that the money represented here isn't gaining any "interest" as it sits hidden away untouched. 
 Now this little pile is of delicious ribbons.  Very special ribbons that I just could not resist.  I was in Portland Oregon and absolutely had to visit a shoppe I had always heard about named "The Ribbonry".  Immediately upon entering the door I was on complete ribbon, lace and button overload.  The magic in that room was beyond what I could comprehend.  I just wanted to buy everything I saw in every direction I turned.  However this tiny bit of fluff I could not leave behind did come home with me.  After all it is my investment in my future happiness.  I have used a bit of this however it is definitely time to open the ribbon box and put some of this to good use.  I see some Autumn colors in here that I should definitely be enjoying. 
Then around the corner was a wonderful fabric shop.  Neat clean and ever so expensive.  I purchased these two pieces without having anything in mind.  Due to the outrageous prices of the fabrics I didn't buy very much and so I am struggling with what to make that will be timeless and fit me and not need much material.  The floral fabric has the softest touch and is in my favorite colors which remind me of a peacock. 
Well, this has been a trip down memory lane for me as I found these photos of a road trip we took and enjoyed very much just last Autumn.  Now I am inspired to actually so something with the beautiful fabrics and laces I have. 
Why is it so difficult for me to "Use the Good Stuff"?  I am always saving everything and then someone else gets to enjoy it instead of me.  This is something I shall work on changing. 
I am thinking of my 2011 word...NOW.  Now is a great time to use my beautiful fabrics and laces. 
Blissful inspirations to each of you...


  1. We always save 'the good stuff' for other people, don't we? Perhaps it's because we want to share the beauty with everyone else.I have to remember to treat myself sometimes, too, and save those goodies to make myself something. Love your word, 'Now'. Perfect.
    Do you have a towel handy? I saw those gorgeous ribbons, and started drooling all over my keyboard. LOL
    Have a blessed week.

  2. Such gorgeous fabrics! That bottom one would be a beautiful scarf for cool autumn days...i have also been in a faric mood....and I guess a scarf mood too!! Fall colors are my favorite. Have a happy Sunday! Kath

  3. Those ribbons are all gorgeous. Like you I have stash just sitting because I just had to have it at the time. Am determined not to buy anymore stash until I have used some. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. You're sure right...these would be beautiful in your Fall projects. I especially like the ribbon and lace goodies!

  5. It's just like saving the good china for special occasions. Every day should be a celebration of life and we should always use the good stuff. Happy creating! Tammy

  6. ooh. I'm always willing to invest in future happiness. Some times I think I shouldn't but when the 'urge' strikes I'm always pleased that I did!
    I have this little post it note on my 'puter: If not now, when???
    Your treasures are lovely.

  7. Oh what beautiful things! How I could use all these goodies in my felting! But I do agree Paper Pumpkin on the lovely blue fabric. Is there enough for a scarf. It would look lovely! Julie

  8. Your project drawer has some amazing and fabulous goodies. I know what you mean about saving it for another day and then someone else having it. I have done that for years, but this year I decided to use my stash and only limit myself to buying what I really need and of course things I really really have to have. I call myself a hoarder but a friend of mine puts in in better term, we are buying now that we can afford to, because when we retire we may not be able to buy as much. LOL.
    I still say I am a hoarder.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. For sure fall colors, what a nice surprise you had put away. Lots of projects.... Love all the yumminess you forund in Oregon, OMG what lovelies.

  10. Oh wow, how totally beautiful!!! You must have so much goodness planned!!! I hope you had a great weekend!

    Thank you SO much for your sweet comments about my books. It was thrilling news to find out they had been published!


  11. Well Sherry, I hope you take your own advice and use some of that gorgeous fabric and trim and make yourself something NOW!!!!!! You deserve it with all you do for everyone else!
    hugs Lynn

  12. There are so many textures, colors and items that give us endless possibilities of self-expression!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOU KIND WORDS of encouragement about my art dearest and it is so good to see you! Have a creative day ahead....Anita

  13. "Now" is a terrific word and I like your new attitude. I tend to save things too...I think I'll need to adopt a new way of doing things as well.

  14. I'm sorry, did you say your name was Kristin? Yes, you are a girl after my own heart - and I can totally relate!!
    They are beautiful fabrics and I'm sure you will come up with something brilliant. Looking forward to it, xoxo

  15. Wonderful piles of lovely things, to use, Sherry.
    And used I think it will be, reading this-but I have to tell, I have piles, also "saved" for another occation- LOL
    Wishes you a happy creative time, with all this beautiful materials.


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