Monday, September 26, 2011

Memories of Grandma...

This is my maternal Grandmother.  Her name was Dorothy but she liked to be called Dot by her friends. I have shared many times in my posts about how I learned so much from my wonderful talented Grandma. 
My Grandma was more talented than Martha Stewart or anyone else who has so successfully merchandised themselves.  Dot was clever because she had to be.  She was an excellent cook because that is what women did long ago. She sewed.  She ironed.  She washed walls and windows and scrubbed the floors.  I remember a time when I was at her home and I did the dishes.  I was always helping in the kitchen and thought I had done such a good job.  When Grandma went into the kitchen a little later on she called me in and told me I wasn't done.  What?  When I had washed the dishes (and dried them) I hadn't rinsed out the sink when I drained the dishwater.  There was food debris and soap scum and sure enough the sink wasn't clean and shiny until after I cleaned it out.  Thank you Grandmother for teaching me even the tiniest things that really make a difference.   
 Yes, you remember these.  The 1980's (could it have been the 1970's?) fabric and lace photo albums with the "magnetic adhesive" pages.  The ones we now know destroy all photos and papers placed on them.  I made this album for Grandma in her favorite colors.  A few years ago I decided to take the old nasty pages out and replace them with new acid free page protectors that hold a sheet of paper that I can attach photos and papers to.  Now I see that I never finished my job.  I got a good beginning but somewhere along the way I got distracted and never finished. 
 I think this shall become a winter project that I shall finish.  There are bulging envelopes and notes and ephemera just crammed into the album.  I see why the ribbon ties are holding this album closed.  It is truly amazing that this album is still holding together and looks pretty good.
This is the very first page in the album.  I was able to save a note in my Grandma's handwriting...she was left handed...and this is a photo of me with her.  The bags we are holding she made using plastic canvas and yarn.  Mine has my initials and is in my favorite blue colors.  Hers in her favorite fall colors.  I still have my bag and treasure it!  My oh my how young and thin I was so long ago. 
During my daily activities I am reminded of my wonderful Grandma when I see my hands and fingers.  They are just like hers were.  Mine are not as talented but they are very good at so many things thanks to the patience and love my Grandma showed me as she taught me so much.  I always miss her so much. 
Thank you for letting me share a little of my Grandma with you.  There will be lots more sharing as the posts pass along. 
Thank you to Donna of Brynwood Needleworks for hosting Memory Lane Monday.
With my tears of joy I have now I shall go and sip a cup of tea and reflect on how fortunate I am.


  1. What wonderful memories of your grandma!! Yes, they do/did teach us lots of great things we still cherish today! I only hope my grandkids remember some of what I've tried to teach them and look back on the memories we've created!

  2. What a treasure, to have a gran who was so much a part of your life.She was so right about getting the "details" right.She has a kind face!Must have had a kind heart too...

  3. Oh, I loved reading about your dear Grandma. She sounds so wonderful. You are very lucky to have had her in your life. How could it be that my dear grandma and mom had/have no creative talents at all?! They are and were great cleaners though, but I didn't get that either! Thanks for sharing her with us. Yes, I have one of those fabric covered albums. I've taken the pictures out for their safety. Twyla

  4. There is nothing like the Love of a Grandma to teach us how to do things right! My Grandmas could have both given Martha a run for her money! LOL. and they did it all themselves, no staff to dop all the dirty work. Great post Sherry.
    I have one of those old fabric books too. maybe its time I did a little transfereing also. Thanks for the inspiration and tribute to the ladies who taught us along the way!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Your grandmother sounds wonderful. The album is perfect for her, and I am sure she loved it.
    I have been reminiscing about my grandmother lately too. I do miss her!

  6. Grandmothers are wonderful, magical beings, aren't they? They teach us more than they will ever realize. I'm so glad you were blessed to have a grandmother who made time to teach you everything. (My granny was that way, too.)

  7. Thank you for doing this post about your lovely grandma. It brought back such happy memories of mine while reading about yours.
    Aren't we lucky to have such precious sweet memories of our grandma's. I called mine MaMa and she taught me so much and I miss her so

  8. Unfortunately I never met any of my grandparents. I was born in Cuba and we came to this wonderful Country when I was 38 days old. Never went back and never will. I love the USA.
    But back to the post, Thanks you for sharing your wonderful memories. I too thank my mother, even though I disliked her at a younger age because she'd make us clean and was also very picky, but that has made me the woman I am today. I am very neat and clean and love to do laundry and iron everything, well not underwear. I know how to do everything around my home because of her.
    So thank you for this post. I will be calling my mom this morning and thanking her for all the times she punished us and yelled at us.

  9. I never knew my maternal grandmother but I have an old book of hers where she pasted in newspaper clippings, poems, stories, jokes... I recently learned it is a bonafide art form. I want to add to it- my mum, my daughters, grand daughter. Thanks Grandma!!!

  10. Beautfiful memories.... Re-doing the album will be well worth it! Don't let it overwhelm you, just take one page at a time. (A lesson I often remind myself)... I finally finished my daughters wedding memory album and gave it to them for their 8th anniversary, I had my doubts I'd ever finish it!

    ~ Violet

  11. Hi Sherry:
    What a lovely tribute to your Grandma. I,too, made those covered albums (Didn't everyone?), and am now spending hours trying to salvage the photos that I placed in those pages!
    Yours is quite lovely. I tended toward blues and pinks...and frequently chose Cranston Printworks fabrics. (Remember those?)

    I so appreciate your contribution to MLM, and hope you'll share another memory next month (Halloween Monday!).

    Hugs from FL,

  12. Lovely post. I enjoyed learning a little more about your Grandmother. Thank you.

  13. Such beautiful memories of your very talented and lovely grandma. Love that photo of the two of you with those canvas bags she made. It's great that you are now able to put that album to use and befitting to begin with a photo of the two of you and a note from her. I need to go wipe my eyes now. :) Blessings, Tammy

  14. Thanks for sharing your memories of your grandma with us. She sounds like an amazing lady. Love that picture and the hand written note.

  15. What wonderful memories you have of her. I'm so glad you inherited her likes and talents. Love that you have something in her hand. Makes my heart melt

  16. This is such a lovely tribute to your grandmother. She reminds me a great deal of mine - who cooked, baked, quilted, sewed, gardened, painted the walls of her house all by herself, and on and on - into her late 80's, I might add.

    My biggest regret is that I didn't ask her more about all of that when I was younger.


  17. Sucha beautiful post and so wonderful for you to share it with us!! You made me think of my own grandmother one more time today. Not a day goes by without my remembering something either said or done by my grandmother. she was Swedish and had a pretty strong accent- her C's came out sh's so chickadee was shickadee. That funny sweet little bird will always be a "shickadee" in our family!!! Happy Memories as you reconstruct that wonderful album!!!

  18. nice tribute to your grandmother
    is really endearing, thanks for sharing with us!

    a big hug,

  19. Oh My how wonderful this tribute and sharing of your grandma. I can so relate as I have nearly the same story.
    I also remember doing the dishes and learning from my grandma to clean the sink and also sweep the floor. Not done till those details where shining.

    I too have the photo albums just like that and still have the directions on how to make them. My mother made the first one and I still have that one and a few more that I made. They are busting at the seams too with momentos and pics, but the glue we used still holds it in perfect condition.

    And I had to smile for I too have the plastic canvas tote that my mother made for me and also my grandma. I will never part with it and it is made so well and holds so many memories.

    I love the pic of your dear grandma and the one of you both together with the first page of your album. Precious treasures for sure.

    Loved your post and it brought back so many special memories for me this evening. Thank you so much.
    for sharing and blessings to you as you carry on the talents of your grandma. She is very proud of you.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  20. It does look like beeswax, good for you for stretching yourself and learning new tips and tricks, to often I know get stuck doing the same thing over and over



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