Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fabic Pouch Obsession...

 These are the same Origami Pouches I have been making and sharing but with new fabrics.  This time in some gorgeous Christmas fabric.  This fabric has some gold sparkles in the threads and the colors are vibrant and elegant. 
I have used buttons in place of the charms on these and really like the look.  I also turned the flap up a bit to show the lining fabric and make it just a wee bit more fun. 
 Here are two of my favorite blue fabrics.  Each bag uses the exact two fabrics...Fairy Frost and a floral fabric my friend Margaret gave me after she finished her project.  It was merely a matter while making these which side I chose to be the feature leaving the other fabric to become the lining.  The floral pouch has beaded dangles while the blue one has buttons for trim. 
This is probably the most fun pouch I have made so far.  It all started with seeing the chocolate covered strawberry fabric at my local Ben Franklin.  I didn't buy it but my girlfriend did.  Then a few days later I was looking for a special bead and came across these glass strawberry "earrings" that my girlfriend had purchased but not done anything with.  Yes, I do have her bead box here in my studio as we almost always bead together and we share and divide most of our beads.  Well...I was obsessed with getting some of the strawberry fabric I had seen and making her this little pouch. could I do that without asking her permission to use her "earring" beads?  So I shared my idea with her and she agreed the two had to go together.  Back to Ben's I went and lucky day they had just enough fabric left on the bolt.  I lined this one with a very sweet black with red polka dots fabric.  The gathering ties are just right with the red and white polka dot ribbon.  An entire theme and I super love how it turned out.  So did Saucy Chick Lorraine when I gave it to her. 
I am having so much fun making these.  With my obesssion in fabrics I think I can make them until the world runs out of thread.  :o)
Enjoying my end of summer holiday weekend.  Staying home, visiting with friends, doing some much needed Fall cleaning (I probably missed my Spring cleaning since we never had Spring for all the seven months of winter), weeding which never seems to end and overall enjoying every moment of every day.  I even spent time organizing and putting away tons of stuff in the studio.  Amazing how my 4' x 8' work table can get so cluttered and I find myself working in a space of only inches. 
May you each have a safe and wonderful end of summer weekend and celebrate our Labor Holiday if in the USA. 
I am seeing lots of Halloween goodies...what are you working on these days?


  1. These little pouches certainly are addictive! I have four in the works right now. I like your idea of turning up the corner to show the lining fabric, and I love the charms and buttons that you've added!

  2. your pouches are precious.
    i love your fabrics.
    i saw them made up out of "bandanas" at ben's.
    there is always so much to do around the house and yard.
    sometimes it is hard to find that balance.
    i am loving fall time so far.
    in SF for a few days.
    much cooler.
    happy days to you.

  3. Your pouches are YUMMY!!!Oh it's so true, having a big table- ending up with only a working space of inches..made me laugh!!

  4. Wow! Your pouches are beautiful! You create with such love... Kath

  5. I know a little something about fabric obsession, too! Love the bags and the Christmas fabric is so lovely!

  6. I think your pouches are wonderful, and especially love the last one. What a clever piece of work! There is nothing like really getting in the swing of your own creativity, is there? You continue to have a wonderful time and we will cheer you on!

  7. You've been busy, and having more fun, I see. I love the bags--especially the Christmas fabrics.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Sherry, I can see that you, or anyone, would have lots of fun making these. I am going to be fall cleaning here at home today and especially in my very messy and disorganized playroom. Then maybe I'll play as well.

  9. These are adorable, especially teh chocolatey one you made for your friend. I love that she keeps her beads there and that you craft together... I have added another small table to my studio and am now in search of the perfect chair so I can play with a friend sometimes too!

  10. i love all your bags, but you probably won't be surprised when i tell you that the choco-pouch is my favorite!! you couldn't do anything else to it to make it any's fabulous! here's to the world never running out of thread......keep feeding your obsession, sweet friend!! xoxox

  11. Hi Sherry,
    I have a surprise for you!!! You are this week's Guest Artist on my Whimsical Musings Magazine blog! I hope you'll come over and take a look...Oh, and feel free to grab my Featured Guest button.

  12. Are these pouches for sale? They are adorable. Cute for makeup. Love the strawberry one.
    Super cute.

  13. I love these, so cute! The strawberry one is incredible~ I love the story behind it! So glad you shared :D

  14. How precious are these little bags!!! I love the fabrics you used, especially the chocolate covered strawberries, although I think if I were carrying that around, my mouth would be watering all day long...but in a happy way, of course! Keep creating your wonderful art, sweet Sherry! xo Paulette :)

  15. You are so creative and make such good use of your time! Amazing you are!


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