Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful Nature...

This is my favorite flower. A simple Johnny Jump Up is the name I like for these. I believe there more mature name is Viola. As you probably already know my favorite color is always blue. I like all colors but blue is my hearthrob. So in my blue planter I had yellow daffodils that are long since done blooming and now to my pleasant surprise I have some volunteer Johnny Jump Ups. They just make me smile. You would have thought I had won the lottery when I saw these few flowers.
Mr. Createology wanted to surprise me for Mother's Day however he couldn't find any of these at the nursery. He thinks he didn't know what flowers to look for. LOL So cute he is.
Instead he bought me all of these:

So yesterday I was up to my elbows in planting soil while I was repotting them. I was so happy! I have these two little pots sitting on the step that is at the french doors of the kitchen. What a wonderful way to greet myself as I come and go. We usually don't ever use our front door unless company is arriving.

This plant stand is now sitting near the kitchen bay window. The top planter is one my sister tole painted for me decades ago. Yes it is faded and chipped but I know how beautiful her painting is and I love to see it with beautiful flowers planted. The middle pot was given to me by one of my friends I have known forever. We used to work together and still stay in touch. Thank you Barbara. :o) The bottom planter is one that I painted in ceramics class. I love the shape of it and have had it for decades. On the deck floor is a small metal "birdbath" planter my friend Margaret gave me and I thought it would be super cute with Lobelia planted in it.

This is an old crock pot liner that I turned into a planter. I have daffodils in it along with some scruffy grassy thing. So for some color I added Lobelia and Alyssum. It sits in the corner which overlooks the back yard.

This plant stand and terra cotta tray sit in another corner which overlooks the driveway and the forrest. I am so tickled with how the flowers all look after I planted them. Once I had cleaned up my dirt mess and watered everything it was time for the big reveal to Mr. Createology.
Bless his heart. He really loves how they look. More importantly he understands how happy they make me. He actually said, "the flowers didn't go very far did they? I should have bought you more." Wow! For someone who never cared before when I whined about wanting flowers he sure has come around.
Did you ask why I don't plant them in the ground around the yard? Well, it is because after many years of doing so and always getting the same result I know better now. We have deer, racoons, huge wild rabbits (jackalopes), chipmunks, squirrels, coyotes, bear and lots of critters who literally eat my flowers overnight. It is heartbreaking so now I enjoy them only on my highest upstairs deck.
Flowers really do make me so happy. I love how beautiful nature makes them.
What are your favorite flowers?
P.S. I still have to stop and let the snapdragons sing and talk with their blossoms. You know what I mean. LOL


  1. My jolly jump ups have been jumping for some time, even before the daffys. Ah, wild life. I have mostly the domesticated 'wild life' who scratch out, trample and nip off in passing. I may be making bigger containers myself! Lovely setting to create in.

  2. your garden is beautiful! it looks like mr. creatology knows the way to your heart!! i love how you've filled it with flowers and pots that have so much meaning to you! and i can see why you get excited over your johnny-jump-ups.....i don't think you could ever have too many of them!!! :))

  3. I have so enjoyed reading your posts - and this one is truly lovely. Your potted plants look amazing on your decked area - they truly 'shine' and you can see each one - so much better than being in a garden amongst many - they tend not to 'star' then

  4. I am a fellow johnny jump up lover as well! I was just discussing their prettiness with my mother-in-law the other day! Aren't they just the simplest of natural beauties?! I too have a lot of pots filled with flowers because the disappointment of having the deer and various other wildlife come and chow them all down overnight was getting to be too disheartening. (Although it does seem that there are considerably less deer the past month, after we spotted our first coyote.) Last year I almost cried when my pride-and-joy Tropical Hibiscus was completey eaten in its prime...ack! Your gardens are lovely and so is your blue paint, and birdhouse!! Wow! ♥

  5. What gorgeous photos! I'd love to see the rest of your home-- I'll bet it's beautiful through and through.

  6. I have many faves... Of wild flowers here in Florida I love Liatris (Blazing Star), it blooms in the fall. In the spring I love all the bright colors on the roadsides, but I think Blue Eyed Grass is my fave for spring. Of cut flowers, Fuji (Spider) mums are my absolute favorites. Of garden flowers... hmmm... Pansies maybe... I love Pansies...

  7. I also love Johnny Jump Ups... so tiny, so much beauty created in such a little flower! For a 'showy' flower, I love my Chinese Tree Peony. A friend gave it to me several years ago, and it always blooms on my birthday. The huge flowers only last a couple of weeks, but they are glorious!
    Your flowers are lovely,

  8. Oooh, it's too hard to pick a favorite although I do love those Johnny Jump Ups..I love all flowers! Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog! Have a wonderful weekend! xo, Ann

  9. Your photography is beautiful...I just want to plop myself down and look at the flowers and the pretty pine trees in the back.

  10. Love your flowers. Here in South Africa we are in the middle of autumn (fall) and our gardens are losing most of their colors...

    Thanx for all your lovely comments on our blog!

    Elna & Benice

  11. Your flowers are so beautiful! I love all your special pots too! There is nothing like looking out and seeing all those beautiful little faces enjoying the sunshine. Your hubby is a keeper!
    Have a fun weekend Sweetie! xo Paulette ;)


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