Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple bookmarks...

A new month and a new week.
The days are getting super busy.
The weather is finally nice and people and events are awakening from hibernation.
So much to do and so much to see.
Time must be managed carefully so all can get done.
Here are a few bookmarks I managed to complete.
Scraps of cardboard.
Trusty glue sticks.
Ivy themed wrapping paper.
Music paper.
Tape transfers.
Corner rounders and hole punch.
Butterfly stickers of course.
Pretty ribbon.
I like to have these on hand for the little tuck in gift to send with a card.
What is your favorite go to item when a small gift of thank you or hello or feel better is needed?


  1. Oh, how pretty! You have the same ribbon I do! ;-) The image that struck me the most is the evening grosbeak. What lovely birds they are and we hardly see them anymore.


  2. The bookmarks are so sweet and the perfect thing to tuck into cards, etc. Wonderful! ~ Angela

  3. Man alive, how can I learn to do those tape transfers?
    Those are the nicest bookmarks!


  4. Lovely bookmarks, the layering and translucence is great! I enjoy making bookmarks as well, our favorite around here is a beaded bookmark with a small charm tied on the end :-)

  5. They're beautiful!
    I love being out of hibernation, too~
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. I like all of your tags, they are such fun to give and receive!
    When I'm adding just a little extra special something, I use a crochet florette! That's my signature, I suppose!

    Happy sending! And btw...I really, really, really love those tape much fun to create! I'm sharing that with my daughter today after school!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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