Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Sight...

Empty bottles in a bin. Pretty things stuck away in bins. Why not combine them? Set them out so I can enjoy their beauty. When I see them then I can use them and my projects are more interesting.
These are silk hydrangea blossoms I removed from their ugly plastic stems. New life now.
Lavender buds that were stuck away in a Tupperware box that was not only plain but didn't let me enjoy the beauty of lavender, let alone the wonderful relaxing aroma. Now this is sitting on my studio table to give me inspiration.
Oh there is definitely a delicate balance of how much to have sitting around and "clutter" work space. However, I believe that if I enjoy seeing my things then I am happier and therefore I am much more productive.
Kind of like having the sun shine.
Happy creating...


  1. Beautiful! I have to strike that same balance in my studio. Love having things to look at, but having to move them around for every new project is a bit frustrating. We do need our inspiration, though!

  2. Lovely, and such a great idea! Wonder what I've got stashed away that might look cool...?

  3. What a wonderful idea, I think I may have a few empty bottles around that need filling, Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. i agree...pretty surroundings, equals creativity! it's the only way to go!

    i love you comfort hearts too..they are so sweet...and such a nice thing to do! well done!

    have a great mid week day!
    ciao bella
    and thanks for stopping in!

    creative carmelina

  5. wow....three of my favorite things in one post.....beautiful bottles, hydrangea, and lavender!!! you've found a fabulous and pretty use for each one! :))

  6. I love you filled bottles. Such a good use for them. Sounds like fun days in your studio.

    Enjoy. Hugs, Cory

  7. perfectly said! and great reminder to enjoy the process...while you have the supplies.

    that bottle is so much more inspirational than a tupperware!

    For me too, out of site is out of mind...and I always forget what I have.


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