Friday, May 21, 2010

Great day for accomplishing...

Good Morning Studio! Wait...who made this mess? Did I leave my workspace in this condition yesterday? I know I didn't finish all my projects but did I leave this mess? Let me check it out from the other end to be certain how it looks...
Oh my! It looks even worse from this view. What was I thinking? Oh well let's just begin and see what we get done today muse. What will we be making today?
Do you ever have something you know you need and can make for yourself but you never do it. You think you can always make it another day. Hmmm...
Let's see we need some wool felt.
No pattern? Okay we can just eyeball it.
Small piece of velcro and ribbon.
Sewing machine and away we go.
It's not very big as it doesn't need to be. Scraps will make it just fine.
This is the finished project. It is sort of rough. Not my best finishing job. Oh yes, it is for me and it is merely for practicality.
What is it for?

Here it is. It is for my Walkman and earbuds. I used to keep them in a small coin purse but this will be much softer for keeping it nice. It is durable and light weight.

I am just so thrilled that I finally accomplished making it. I will be using this and see how I like it.
I also completed another item that I am very pleased with but shall wait to show it another day.
Oh, the worktable in the studio? I did clean it off and it is ready for another day of being creative.
Does being productive give you energy? Does it make you feel more confident?
Happy creating...


  1. That looks like a very creative place.. I love it!!!!!!

  2. Oh, wow what a fabulous work area. Love the big table! Looks like a fun and productive day in your studio.


  3. Oh, I was just admiring how nice the studio was! That is a lovely mess, nowhere near what I consider a mess at all! Love the table and well, just all of it! ~ Angela

  4. Your table looks mess here! Looks like fun. Very nice case for your walkman!

  5. I had finally reached mess-and-clutter overload this week, and spent two days cleaning the studio up. It does make it more conducive to creating!

    I thought I had the best work counter ever - but yours has mine beat hands down. Love it!

  6. Whoa! I'm seriousy envious of that great work table! 8^) Messes are a reality of creativity.

  7. being creative fills my soul like bread fills my tummy! it's sheer bliss....


    so is your studio btw! i love seeing an art 'mess' esp. when I know I don't have to do the clean up and tidy up on it! lol

    it's actually inpirational to see how others work!!!!!! thanks for sharing...

    also for coming by!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. My, my, how walkmans have changed since they first came out. I used to have one of the radio/cassette tape versions when I was going to high school. LOL

    Awesome table! And lots of natural light too ... perfect creating space. Happy weekend!

  9. What a great idea for your MP3 player!!!

    BTW, I've been told that a person can't be a "real" artist if they don't detonate art bombs from time to time. Of course, I want to believe that because it makes me feel better about the fact that I can't find my work desk under all the stuff on most days... ;-)

  10. Your mess is charming! My mess is a mess! ha
    Love what you made for your MP3! Awesome idea!
    Thanks for your visit also :)

  11. Oh a mess is the only way to work!!! I love every bit of your space and I had such fun yesterday in mine. It is 4:45am right now and I am going to start my morning with some tags, drawing and any other trouble I can get my studio into!!!!!

    Thank you for coming to visit with me....yes, I pray that all of us can be role models of excellence for the youth that is coming up to take their place in the world; we need honest and determined individuals to take charge and change things!

    Much love, Anita

  12. SOOOO happy to see your mess,-mine is never less, and somethimes more, lol-but it seems I just have so much collected that all places is used for stuff, and creative unfinished projects.
    xo Dorthe

  13. LOVE your work space!!

    Will be posting about Glitterfest when I get home this evening. I'm still out shopping! Well, it hasn't been non-stop exactly. I spent the night at my friend's last night and we're going to the vintage flea market this morning *smiles*

  14. I love your studio! You don't want to see mine right now. I am trying and I mean trying to get more organized. Spent the last 2 rainy days organizing my silk ribbon by color and MM's. Now I know what I have, I think. I know I must start dying more.....

  15. Hi there,
    Got a great chuckle when I visited your site and saw the table!

    Found your link on the Lace Lovin' Librarian's site.

    You have a lovely eclectic blog!
    Fox : )

  16. I had to laugh when I saw your table. I went into my studio last night to play! I had just cleaned it the day before. When I finished playing I turned around and.... who made that huge mess? LOL I guess theres no getting away from it. Love your sweet little pouch, nice to see you made something for yourself!


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