Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome Sign...

This is a welcome sign I have hanging on the wall as guests enter their bedroom. I made this years ago and it has served our guest room quite well.
As I am reading other blogs I notice how popular skeleton keys are in not only jewelry but also home decor. I thought to myself how much I have always liked them and why don't I create with them. Aha! I remembered this and thought I would post it.
A nice frame I already had.
Mulberry paper background.
Welcome letter stickers from the local craft store.
Ribbon tied into a bow.
Skeleton key I paid too much for at a local antique shop.
Silk ribbon hangs the frame from the crown moulding at the ceiling.
I want our guests to feel at home when they stay with us. In all the years and all the guests, I have never gotten one comment on it. Hmmm. They love the room, the bed is comfortable, love the wallpaper, love the crown moulding along with the corner pieces and most everything else in the room. Many are surprised when they hear Mr. Createology did all the fabulous work in the room including hanging the wallpaper and the moulding. Don't they know how incredibly handy he is?!!
I suppose the fact that I like my welcome sign is enough for me and so it shall remain.


  1. Your Welcome sign is very pretty...simple and elegant! Your guest room sure sounds wonderful, too!

  2. I like your welcome sign and I think it is a great use for your key that you spent too much money on! I have about five of those that I was going to use for jewelry and I am not sure where they are in the bead room :-(

    Cute sign!

  3. I love your sign and your key hanging right dab in the middle!
    Love your creative spirit and always inspired when i visit here.
    Keep creating girl...
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Such a grand welcome sign. You are so blessed to have such a handy dandy too! Thank you for your sweet comment today. ~ Angela

  5. Love your welcome sign and I bet it makes your Guests feel right at home :)

  6. What a beautiful way to welcome your guests! I love what you created. Thanks always for visiting Brynwood. Be sure to stop in tomorrow. (surprise!)

  7. What a lovely welcome sign! I have one with a frame, wire and a canning jar to hold flowers or pine cones or whatever is in season. Makes a good conversation piece.

  8. It's really pretty. I love keys too and the key hole escutcheons. What is it about things like that that attract our eye!


  9. aw this is so charming....
    how nice is it to even have a guest bedroom to begin with!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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