Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Domesticity...

Today I am taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day and spending it inside my home doing domestic chores. I know this sounds backwards but I get so much more energy from just knowing the sun is shining. I could be outside however I am not so in love with pulling weeds by hand from bark and pine needles.
I am thankful I can do laundry in my Maytag machines and not have to trudge down to the stream and pound the clothes on rocks.
I am thankful I can dust the furniture with modern tools such as a feather duster and other assorted handy throw away lint and dust removers.
I spent time in my studio putting things away where they belong. How on earth does all that stuff get out of it's bins and all over the place? Do I really make that big of a mess when I am creating? Do I bring home that much stuff to add to my overloaded craft bins? It certainly does feel super good when I have everything put away and organized. But then I cannot be as creative until I drag it all out again. LOL
It is amazing all the things I find when I am putting stuff away. Oh my did I buy that? I wanted one of those. Ooh I need that. Wow I love this. These are just some of the things you can hear me saying while I am cleaning my studio and discovering what I really have to work with.
Birthdays are coming and I have some ideas for a few gifts so I better get busy soon.
My etsy shop is lonely and I have some ideas for some new listings so I need to get busy making those items.
For now I shall take a break and have some lunch. I think today will be avocado on toast which I totally love. And an apple will be good. And some iced tea.
Thank you for visiting me today in my little blogland. I adore reading your comments.
I get so much inspiration from reading what you have to say and from your blogs. Thank you!


  1. Well, it has to happen sometime. At some point we all have to stop and say "it's time to organize" LOL Hope you have a very creative aftermath.

  2. Lovely lunch, one of my favorites. Yes, organizing, finding, surprises, pristine and then back into the fray and creativity happening. I relate!

  3. it was grey to begin with today, but now the sun is shining! and it always makes even the most dreadful chores a pleasure!

    and my studio...the same...all in disarray! yikes..i'd better get on that....lest it might hinder my creativity!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. i'm excited to see your new additions to your etsy shop! there are days when it just feels so perfect to clean and do laundry and especially to organize my studio. makes room for the new creativity to flow in :)

    xoxo, juliette

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

    I love the card at the top of your post, so cute!

    Here in England, UK the weather changes from one hour to the next! It's been both sunny and cloudy today - no rain (yet anyway!).

    I always feel so good when I have a thorough sort out / tidy up, especially of the craft room - the only problem is remembering where everything has been tidied away to!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your day / evening.

  6. I love days like that, days that are all about getting things in their place. It revitalizes our creativity and brings in all kinds of new energy. (Plus, I always find stuff I'd forgotten I have!)

    Great post! ♥

  7. I do believe I need a little of your energy at the moment. My studio is in a good need of tiding up at the moment! Although I don't share your joy at the thought of doing it. LOL.
    I do look forward to seeing what you come up with for your Etsy shop. Your pieces are Beautiful!

  8. we spent the whole Mother's Day weekend cleaning and I know what you mean! For me, it feels freeing creatively to have an organized work space...

  9. is time for me to get organized too. I think avocado on toast sounds just yummy also! LOL


  10. I just love cleaning and organizing my studio too. Yes, there are always surprises when I find something I've forgotten I have too and that leads to more ideas! Isn't it wonderful!!!
    Have a lovely creative weekend! And thank YOU for always taking the time to visit with me and to post your kind comments.


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