Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good shopping visit...

In our small little town we have a wonderful Hospice Gift and Thrift shop. I like to visit it as I know I will usually find something I need for creating and that my purchases will help a very worthy cause.
This is an extremely popular place and lots of people shop it. If you see something you might want do not pass it up as it will certainly be gone by the next day. I have learned this by missing some key items.
I usually go with nothing in mind as that is when I find something I wasn't looking for. If I am looking for something specific then I seem to never find it and am disappointed.

The other day I was pretty much empty handed except for the little hanky and the brass Eiffel Tower and small book. I would have been very happy with these.
However I turned the corner and look at the bushel basket of vintage sewing trims I found. Seam bindings and hem laces. Each package was merely 25 cents. Being vintage some of the packages were marked 29 cents originally. Am I paying too much now? Not at all. I could not pass these up. I felt greedy trying to hold all of this in my hands. I did leave a few for others.
Now I am well stocked for some new projects. It will be fun to see what I make with these.
What do you like to find at the gift and thrift?


  1. Oh dear, I have a long list now. Acessories, linen, interesting fabrics, silk ties, old books, sheet music... Your Eiffel Tower is so great!

  2. I too love that Thrift Shop. There is always tons of stuff to shift through. I love the vintage binding and hem laces.

    Have a fun day creating and enjoying life.

    Hugs, Cory

  3. I would have picked those up too! I look at the linens, books, and toys... well, I actually look at everything ; ) Today I didn't find anything but dropped some stuff off. Later though, I came home with some more ribbon from a shop I happened upon. A girl can never have too much ribbon : )

    ~ Violet

  4. how wonderful! That was truly a great find...and it helps others...nothing better than that. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.


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