Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My treasures...

Here is a glimpse of my treasures. Since I was a very little girl I have always been in love with tiny things and therefore mice. Anyone who knows me knows I love mice and collect them.
These few sit on top of the Mouse House curio cabinet which resides in the library of our home.
The library is one of my favorite rooms as it is cozy and serene and I am surrounded by books and my mice.

This is the bottom section of the curio with the door open so I could get a better photo. It looks rather jumbled but I can assure you each mouse is carefully arranged to my liking the day I set them. From time to time I do rearrange them and of course clean everything, but not too often lest I disturb their happy play.
I certainly won't bore you with all my stories however I can tell you where or who or how I got each and every mouse I have.
A special note is when Mr. Createology and I decided it was time to cohabitate (we are mid-life do-overs) I wondered if I could bring my Mouse House to his house. He doesn't like any clutter or "dust collectors" (I have told you how opposite we are!). It was agreed I could bring my Mouse House along and put it in a back bedroom. Now mind you his house was about three times the size of my house so there should have been no issue of space.
To his credit when we moved the Mouse House across town and it was being placed I was most surprised and pleased when he chose to place my Mouse House curio on a focal wall in the entry foyer so that it greeted all guests as they arrived. It was then and there that I knew he loved me.

This is the top section and you can see how fully packed it is just like the bottom section. Years prior to moving it to Mr. C's he surprised me with five additional glass shelves so that I would have more room for my expansive collection. The only caveat is that I needed to edit some of them and keep the truly special ones. I was able to do so and now you see my more "mature" collection.
Now days I am always very careful to select any new additions by their size and ability to fit into the Mouse House cabinet. I really do not want to edit any out.
Shhh...there are some (read many) who are living in other areas of our home however they are super quiet and Mr. C is not bothered by them at all.
I do have plans for some artistic collages some day with my paper mouse items but no rush.
I also have some fabric pieces to work with but, once again, no rush.
When I was very little and about 2 years old we lived in a tiny little house I can still picture and everyone knew I named it the Mouse House. I did tell you I have been entranced with mice for a really long time.
When I was a young wife and mother I tried having three white mice in a cage to enjoy. That was fine until in a very short amount of time there were not three but twenty-one and counting. Well that was the end of my raising and herding mice days.
Now I merely stick to the collectibles and enjoy them fully.
Thank you very much for indulging me in my mouse fantasy world.
Happy collecting...


  1. Wow...lovely..super wonderful!! What a fun spirited post..so lovely to see all you treasures!! yay!! That was fun!

  2. Your sweet treasures are adorable! Looking really cute in your lovely cupboard. Bet you stop several times a day in front of it just to stare...
    Wishing you a lovely day! xx

  3. Well, I agree. We should be having fun at every age and especially cramming all the little spots with wee fun things. I know cause I have my own 'treasures'!

  4. These are adorable. I bet they come out at night and have dance parties. Do you ever hear any mouse music at night?

  5. Your sweet treasure are wonderful! I love mice too..and rabbits. And wouldn't ya know they both breed like crazy. Loved your comment in regards to trying to raise them. Same thing happened to me with my rabbits. Came home from school one day and found my rabbit cage was empty. My father had taken them all away because things were really getting out of hand. I cried and cried but now I'm older and wiser.

    Also just read your beautiful tribute to your mother. Touched my very soul sweet lady.

    I've been away from blogging for awhile..taking care of family stuff. It's good to be back.

    Hugs & Summer Sunshine, Terri

  6. Wow , Thats what I call a collection, I Loved your story how Mr. C. had the cabinet put in the entrance for all to see. Yes he really does Love you! How sweet.

  7. I say this every time you post photos, but I'll say it yet again: You must have the coolest house in the world!Mr. C is a talented man, and your collection is beyond wonderful!

  8. wow! that is an extensive collection if I've ever seen one!

    great stuff!

    ciao bella

    and yes, there is always a story behind our posessions, isn't that part of the fun of gathering them in the first place? lol

    creative carmelina

  9. what a fabulous collection!!! and any man who welcomes your mouse house and makes it the focal point of the room, is definitely a keeper!!!! thanks for sharing your sweet mouse family with us!! :))

  10. Oh, my you were not kidding when you said you had a collection of small things. Wow...

  11. What a very happy mouse collection - always a bonus with your love recognizes what's important to you too.

  12. Oh I love this mouse house! I had to enlarge each picture so I could see all the little treasures you have stashed inside. I tried to pick a favorite but it was just too hard ... although, that little Charming Tales acorn bed with the two mice is beyond precious! We share a love of mice. squeak squeak! xo Paulette

  13. What a great collection! I just did a post on collecting...have a great holiday! xo, ann

  14. You have found the right man! For sure!!! I love your collection. I am sure it holds many wonderful memories.


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