Monday, May 17, 2010

Journal of papers...

Journal of papers is just that. I selected some random papers and cut them to approximately 5" x 7". Here you see some lined paper and some vintage Wilson Jones ledger paper.
This page is 1/4" graph paper on the left. The blue is an envelope to tuck in receipts or ticket stubs or candy wrappers (yes I am known to save everything!).

Some watercolor paper on the left and some vintage Vernon McMillan columnar paper which is now sideways.

The right is some note paper from a tablet. The left is some more vintage Wilson Jones ledger paper now sideways.
After cutting the paper to size I then punched holes in them with my vintage punch which is perfect spacing for old fashioned Acco fasteners.
For anyone who worked in an office or bookkeeping world I am certain you recognize all of this.
Two covers cut from some glossy paper in my favorite blue colors. Hole punched and then I tied fun ribbon through the holes. I left it loose so the pages will lie flat for journaling and gluing.
At first I put metal rings in the holes but felt they were too large and stiff. I much prefer the ribbon as it is flexible.
This is merely a journal of papers right now.
Ahhh...but in the future it shall hold many memories of a trip I shall take.
Happy journaling...


  1. love the journals. I worked in a stationary store in H.S. and do remember those papers. I loved keeping notes with that paper and would often take home a journal to write in. Time to begin making my own like you did. Great pictorial!

  2. What a good idea! Waste not, want not.

  3. oh I love paper, the look, the feel, the magic, the charm.....

    paper waits to be marked! and I do hope you fill it with many goodies on your next trip!
    ciao bella

    btw, I love chillaxating too!

    creative carmelina

  4. these are my favorite types of journals.....filled with lots and lots of fabulous papers.....and waiting for all kinds of wonderful ideas to be written on them!! your cover is pretty, too!! :))

  5. Very timely. I've been trying to decide on a book or use my loose papers. Terrific. Thanks!

  6. Love you travel journal. What fun. I love the cover. Eek, I do remember those paper from my accounting days. Sure do love retirement!

    Have a nice evening...

  7. This is a great idea. Especially like the idea of adding the envelope for receipts. My receipts are all over the place and I need something simple like this. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I am a journal addict and paper fiend, so this is extra delicious to me!! Beautiful!

  9. A wonderfull book, to hold memmories, likes it alot.
    Thanks for your kind visits.

  10. So nice. This would surely make journaling a lot more creative and fun!



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