Friday, October 29, 2010

Crocheted Scarf...

Have you ever crocheted with Alpaca yarn? I had not. We have a local alpaca ranch and the owners are very nice people. The woman hand spins and hand dyes the alpaca fur into wonderful yarn. I bought one skein/hank to see if I liked working with it. My title links to their website if you are interested.
The yarn is 90% alpaca and 10% silk. This color is a periwinkle that is very soft and pretty. I crocheted this scarf in single and triple stitches. It is super simple and easy to wear. I had plenty of yarn to complete my project.
Now this scarf is wrapped and awaiting to be unwrapped as a Christmas gift to someone who will really like wearing it. She did see it while I was working on it with no idea I was making it for her. How fun is that?
Do you crochet? What is your favorite thing to crochet?
Years and years ago I crocheted full size ripple afghans with matching pillows for Christmas gifts to family members. I made 6 sets in one year. That was a bit much however I was much younger and wrists, hands and fingers were not acting cramped or painful back then.
It feels so good to accomplish something and be able to check it off the list.
Happy crocheting and creating...


  1. i love the color of did a beautiful job!! and it has such a great alpaca story to go along with it! your friend is going to be thrilled when she opens this! happy crocheting to you!! xox, :))

  2. That looks so soft and cozy! I made a few scarves last winter. I just need to be doing something it seems and if I can't be in the basement painting, then I love to sit and crotchet :) I love the Homespun yarns, but then I haven't worked with many varieties yet. Hopefully I'll try alpaca sometime! Have a great weekend and thanks for your visit! :)

  3. It's beautiful...awesome color. I bet it is super soft and warm, too! I really wish I knew how to crochet. I do knit and plan to get working on something cozy!
    Take care,

  4. i love it nice color you have done great job thank,s for great post. Pakistan flowers

  5. beautiful scarf. love the color. one of my favorites. i knit lots and lots of scarves and donate them to cancer centers.

    enjoy this rainy weekend. stay cozy!

  6. My very first wall art was some granny squares. Then I did some afghans. I like it better than knitting but can't do patterns.

  7. A beautiful scarf and a perfect Christmas gift!

  8. I adore that color! Happy Halloween to you, we do not celebrate it that much.. hugs for the new week. xoxoxo

  9. Your scarf is gorgeous!! Beautiful yarn and colour too. The receipient will be delighted with it - what a lovely surprise that will be for her.

    Although I can knit (although haven't done any for years and years!), I've never tried to crochet - so am full of admiration for you!

    Happy Halloween x

  10. Lovely crocheted scarf!

    After tatting (before I found the shuttle) I will crochet. I still love to do little caps for all the kids, and add tatted motifs.

    I find that after years of crocheting (often for profit), it has taken its toll on my poor hands.

    So, I am happy I found tatting which is far easier physically to do.

    Knitting? I can do it, teach it and sell it, but I have never liked it as much as crocheting. Just not my thing, I suppose.

    But, I still often itch to feel that familiar hook in my fingers. The smaller, the better!
    Fox : )

  11. its beautiful and looks so soft, yum yum!


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