Saturday, October 2, 2010

Surprise Package...

As I set out today to run some routine errands I thought I might check my post office box at the local branch. To my surprise I had this package to pick up. A package I was not expecting is always wonderful to receive. This one came all the way from England in the UK. Wow now that is a far piece from here. Please be certain to check out Sherry (yes it is spelled exactly like mine!) and her super blog. She had said a short time ago that I was selected to win soap and a magnet she bought on her recent trip to Greece. Wonderful...but then I forgot to think of a package arriving.
Inside the box was the fun fabric wrapped bundle. I unwound the fabric and could not believe it is almost 5 yards of one continuous strip. I already have ideas for this cheerful fabric. Olive Oil soap that smells divine. A magnet of what looks to be a treasure of Greek icons. A mica butterfly charm and a handmade tag that Sherry made was attached to the bundle with some polka dot ribbon I love.

Now isn't this the best surprise for a Saturday filled with chores and errands? I am so very blessed. Thank you sincerely Sherry.
Don't you love to get surprise packages in the mail? In fact I just sent a couple of packages out this past week to unsuspecting recipients just to brighten their day when they get them.
I have never done a formal giveaway just because I like the element of surprise instead. I just don't think I could stand to pick one of many that take the time to enter for a giveaway. LOL
My followers are adding up and I am so amazed at how blogging has increased my world. I just might one day email and ask for your mailing address and send a surprise your way. Thank you everyone for spending time with me and my blog. I read every comment and find them to be not only interesting but many times thought provoking for me. I hope to continue my life journey and always be a better person through learning and listening and experiencing.
Happy Haunting October. Please think pink for all women and men as breast cancer awareness is also this month.
Happy Creating...


  1. You too? I received a total surprise today. I have a flat tire so I cleaned my studio today and my surprise arrived this afternoon.
    Yes, it is fun to get a surprise from left field isn't it? Your goodies are wonderful! Sherry is a sweetie, but then, so are you!
    Enjoy your goodies and your weekend.

  2. what a nice gift that arrived in you post office box today! sweet and fun stuff. love the fabric. i know you will have fun with that!

    enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    hugs, Cory

    aren't blog friends the BEST.

  3. That's so funny, because I too received a package in the mail today that I wasn't expecting. It was wonderful to get art postcards and a gallery book. I really like your post today. I feel that our blog-world has widened my little piece of the world in such a special way. It's so comforting to share thoughts, dreams , feelings, art, creativity, even fears, with others. Everyone is so kind and supportive and open. I can't imagine my life without friends like you and our other 'followers'! Enjoy your creating this Sunday, too, Sherry!

  4. You received a lovely package! Always so exciting to receiving sweet surprises in the mailbox.
    Have a sweet Sunday and a good start of the new week! xxx

  5. Oh ,yes, that must have made your saturday,-so lovely.
    Wishing you a beautifull sunday, too.

  6. Oh it's so strange to see a picture on your blog of what I sent to you from all these miles and miles away! I'm really glad it arrived safely and that you like it Sherry - you are most welcome! I too love all the friendship and inspiration that the blogging world brings - it so brightens the days!

    Thank you also for your email - the fabric is from an end of roll (a very large roll) that I bought many years ago at an exhibition in London - I'm so glad you like it and may be able to find a use for it.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Sherry :)

  7. What a great surprise. I like the idea of surprise gifts than random give aways! 8)

  8. What a lovely surprise! It's just the best when we get goodies we don't expect!
    Have a lovely week! xo

  9. Teehee! This comment comes all the way from England in the UK! What a fabby surprise package you have there. Must have been so much fun to open. I hope you enjoy using all the wonderfulness inside. keeley


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