Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Technical Difficulties...

No photos today.
Nothing creative to share.
Merely having technical difficulties with my desktop computer.
Two days ago my monitor went from bright to black.
Then it teased me for a day and a half.
Less than a few seconds to see what it had to show me or tell me.
I am so much slower than that and therefore couldn't function.
For me it was like being blindfolded and put in a dark room.
I can't see anything if there isn't a lot of light.
So I begged to use Mr. C's notebook computer and he relented.
Where is my email?
Where are my photos?
How can I function?
I am able to voyeur and enjoy others blogs and comment on them.
As for such luck...Oh turn off the dark computer? Good idea.
So now I wait for the delivery truck to bring my new monitor.
Meanwhile this inconvenience should allow me more time to craft. Or not...
Yesterday I cooked dinner that took me five hours to prepare. How did it taste you ask? Horrible to me! Mr. C couldn't put enough salt on it. That was time well spent???
Laundry is washed, dried and folded. Well I do have ironing to do now.
Cleaned out a few drawers and loaded up the trash bin with expired and useless things.
Tons of pruning and yard clean up outside but I don't think I shall tackle that today.
Mr. C is sickly with a really bad cold and cough so that is where I shall focus my energy. Playing nursemaid and fetching fluids and food for him every two hours.
Am I complaining? Not in the least. I am finding this is merely an inconvenience. I am also finding many more things to spend my time doing...kind of like life before computers!
Thank you for "listening".
Please stay tuned for more on the creative front in the near future.
Happy Autumn to everyone...


  1. this very thing happened to me at work last year. I thought I was going dippity~do but alas I needed a new monitor. Another odd thing was I came in after a weekend to the office and my desk area smelled funny, can't think what the smell was maybe a fish smell, I can't remember now but I discovered it was the big battery backup for the had gone try to explain that your desk smells funny to your boss!! He thought maybe my age was getting to me! However, apparently when those things go bad that is the result! Isn't the computer age wonderfuL? Actually, can't seem to function with out mine either. Well back to doing something constructive with my day off!

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your technical difficulties - it really does put us out when that happens. Still, you'll soon have a nice, shiny new monitor to play with!

    Hope you hubby gets better very soon. Sounds as though you have lots to keep you occupied. I can think of a hundred and one things that I should be doing instead of sitting in front of the computer for most of the day! Make the most of it!

    Best wishes to you - both x

  3. 5 hours to cook dinner sounds familiar. I am often a slow cook, trying to be creative adding this and that... and this..and that. Nowadays my boyfriend does all he can to hinder my entrance into the kitchen, but still I find ways to make it in! Anyway finger's crossed for the fast delivery of the monitor! :)

  4. This, too, shall pass, Sherry. We'll be patiently waiting.

  5. A new monitor should be worth the wait :) So sleek and shiny and bright! Have fun with the odds and ends and thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

  6. So sorry to hear about your loss, of a monitor that is. Funny how dependent we become on our computers. Take care. ~Diane

  7. Hopefully the new monitor will be there soon!

  8. i hope your new monitor arrives almost seems like we're cut off from civilization when we don't have our electronics!! it sounds like you're getting lots done around the house, though.......hope mr. C is feeling better soon! xox, :))

  9. It is so hard for me when our computer does not well like I want it to work. I get frustrated easily.

    Always happy to listen to you. Have a good day and stay well.


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