Sunday, October 10, 2010

Local Concours...

After spending days cleaning and primping and cleaning some more we headed south to a local Concours show. Leaving very early in the morning and in the rain...yes all over the super clean car!...we arrived at a beautiful location with overcast skies. The rain subsided and more cars arrived and were very carefully parked on their respective greens. Oh I am in heaven...Aston Martins and a Lotus Twin Turbo Esprit!
The British Marque was being honored so they had their very own green for parking. Jaguar was honoring their 75th year so lots of fanfare and very new gorgeous cars for viewing and special ones for test driving.
This black Rolls Royce was a 1959 and very beautiful down to the enth degree of detail.

Of course the new Ferraris were also featured as so many attendees must drool over them.

I love it when there are beautiful restored automobiles that I have never seen before. This one very unique.

This is the most unique automobile ever and it stole my heart! She is a one-of-a-kind 1914 Princess Petite Speciale. I love chatting with the owners of such rare automobiles and learned her entire history. She won an award however I do not know which one as we had to leave during the awards ceremony.
All in all we enjoyed a wonderful day and met so many interesting and nice people.
Next...Bonneville Salt Flats for Finals Week.
Happy week ahead to all who love to live, laugh, love and create art...


  1. What beautiful cars! Concours are so much fun to attend .. especially when you have people like the lady in white who dress in period fashion. Have fun in Bonneville! Are you going as spectators or participants?

  2. Beautiful vehicles! I do like that Ferrari!

  3. They really are works of art in their own right, what beautiful cars! TFS

  4. Oh my....I should show this to hubby as he dreams of a Ferrari one day~like most men, lol! Looks like a fun day:-)

  5. Great photos of gorgeous vehicles! I love car shows! I've been to several in California through the years and they never disappoint! Have a great week.

  6. Look at all those marvelous vehicles! It looks like you had a great time, grinning near that Princess Petite! You look lovely too!

  7. My hubby would have loved this!

  8. Oooooh!!! Droool DroolDrool! I love old cars! What a fun time you must have had! Love the British Marque and if only I could own an Aston. WOW!! Thanks for sharing these pics. keeley

  9. Next to antiques that I can hold in my hand...and put in our home...we love the Antique Cars.
    That Station Wagon is a DREAM of a vehicle...the Princess car is not shabby either. What a great time you had...glad you had your camera with you...thanks for sharing the joy with us.



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