Thursday, October 14, 2010

Name That China Pattern...

Hello my fellow bloggers. I must share my happiness with all of you. I have just been given my Grandmother's old china. It has been in a falling apart cardboard box and not wrapped carefully since 1990. I remember as a young woman hand washing and hand drying this china when we ate at Grandma's place. She never had a fancy home or linens but we always ate a good meal and these were the dishes she used everyday. There are missing pieces but overall a set for 8.
This is the marking on the bottoms of the pieces.

This photo is not very good however it was the best I could capture.
Does anyone know the name of the pattern of this china?

Along with the markings is the word Germany stamped on the bottoms.

I am so sentimental that I am just over the moon happy with being able to now enjoy these beautiful dishes in my home. I shall always think of my Grandma and smile while I am able to serve meals on these. And someday my daughter will enjoy them when I am done using them.
Thank you in advance for any helpful information you may have.
I was so happy once again hand washing and hand drying these when I unpacked them.
Thank you to my one and only aunt for allowing me to have them after all these years.
Happy Autumn to everyone...


  1. I don't know the name or anything, I just wanted to say how beautiful the dishes are, you're very lucky!~:)

  2. Hi dear,
    it is so beautifull, love rosy things, too.Congratulations with this wonderfull set.

  3. These are gorgeous! A sweet pattern in such soft colors.
    Have a wonderful weekend, enJOY your lovely china! xxx

  4. Beautiful dishes!!! How blessed you are to have your grandmothers dishes!
    I looked on the internet and found this page with some history on Royal Bayreuth. I couldn't find a definitive answer for the age though, likely after 1919, but not much. Check and see if there are any handwritten numbers on the bottom of one of the items. That would be a pattern number. That might help.

  5. I can't help you with the name, but the dishes are beautiful!

  6. Wow..these are all such beauties...enjoy your dazzling treasures! And they are sooooo special... being your Grandmother's...awesome!!

  7. such lovely dishes and so sweet to have been in the family. i can tell you are thrilled to have the memories of the dishes also. enjoy. smiles to you.

  8. How special! Hope you can find some info but you do have the memories.

  9. I wish I could help you, Sherry...but all I'm certain of is how gosh darn BEAUTIFUL that set is! Just stunning! ... and you're very lucky to the sweet memories to go along with them. xo Paulette

  10. I can completely understand your elatedness over inheriting this set. It's really lovely AND to have so many pieces. I bopped over to Replacements Ltd and they have it identified as patter ROB 98 -- I couldn't find a name...

    I also saw on Amazon that there are two Royal Bayreuth for Collectors books...The used ones looked reasonable in price.

    Good luck on your quest and ENJOY!!!

  11. Oh my goodness, this is exquisite china! My grandmother never had such wares! Lovely indeed, and thank you for your visit! HOW ARE YOU? We are all so busy, but this season definitely stops us in our tracks to reflect on the things that make us smile. Enjoy your day, Anita

  12. I had no idea of the existence of such a thing like createology. Thanks for showing it.
    Saludos from Chile,

  13. What a beautiful set of dishes! They look very much like my own grandmother's set that my mother now proudly uses. Hers aren't quite as "fancy" though - not as much of the pretty gold.

    I'm a sentimental fool too so I can completely understand how happy you must be. :-)

  14. Lucky you! How nice they have landed with someone who will care for them and treasure them. I was lucky enough to be given my Grandmother's prized Waterford crystal. I love to use it - it's kind of an art deco style which is interesting to me, and I make sure to use them especially on my the date of my grandparent's anniversary. I understand your excitement!

  15. Lovely dishae, what a treasuer to remember he by. There is a site that will help you identify your set and sells the replacement pieces this is the link Good luck. ~Diane

  16. I beleive this is it Item#: 85347 --- Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
    Pattern: ROB98 by ROYAL BAYREUTH [ROBROB98]

    ROYAL BAYREUTH ROB98 STOCK AS OF 10/18/2010 (prices are per piece)
    Looks like they only have the luncheon plate at 39.99 per piece. I hound this along with the picture at the website I gave you above. ~Diane


    TAKE CARE....



  18. I was going to suggest, too -- they've been helpful for me, too! What an awesome table of china!

  19. OH I hope you have found the name of it now. But no matter, it is your's now and I know you are enjoying it so much.
    I too know the EXACT feeling you have...I own by default my grandmothers set of dishes..and I am SO proud of that fact as well.
    I do not have a name for mine either, but you have a great idea to post a pic of them and asked.

    It was ONLY on Thanksgiving and Christmas they came out...or maybe some "landmark" Birthdays...but I loved them as a young child because of the special ocassions I'm sure as well.



  20. I love that your family ate on those plates all the time. Why not?! Why do we save beautiful things for good occasions. Wonderful treasure.


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