Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Fall Flowers...

I love making these fun flowers. This time I have used wool felt, lace and ribbons. Usually I stack the three different sizes for one flower. This time I stacked each of three layers in only one size. This is the small size and I added a button to the center of this one. With a pin back I am able to wear it on a lapel.
Same materials in the middle size and this time I used a "wad" of threads gathered from some torn muslin. I stacked three coordinating buttons for the center. This flower is pinned to the center of my Halloween witch hat that I shall be wearing this weekend.

This is the large sized petals and I used ribbons for the center. This fall flower took a ride through the mail service and surprised a blog pal of mine.

Here is the trio of Fall Flowers. I never get tired of making these fun floral pins.
Ideas are in the works for the next generation of my favorite flowers. Stay tuned...
Happy Halloweekend to each of you. May you have lots of treats and no tricks.


  1. Hi there....thanks for stopping by to say hi....lovin' these sweet little flowers. I found some round lace crochet coasters and plan on making flowers out of I know how to do it. A big thank you



  2. These are so cute! Perfect fall colours and very cheery - we are in the mmidst of a gloomy fall, with snow dusting the mountain tops. These would brighten up any amount gloom!

  3. These are so sweet and charming!

  4. Fabulous fall flowers Sherry. Think I like the middle one most. Happy Halloweekend to you too x

  5. Oh, look at those fun fall flowers! Love the colors, and the ribbons!

  6. funny and beautiful!!
    thank you and happy weekend

  7. Sherry, I love your flowers, they are so bright,and beautifull.
    I wonder if you still did not get my letter Sherry? if not I will soon send you a new one-can`t understand it takes so long time, deaR.
    Hugs, Dorthe


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