Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Gift Quickie...

Let's see what we will need...Fabric, Felt, Ribbon, Scissors, Glue (optional), Sewing Machine (or hand sew)...what else...CHOCOLATE bars (non eaten preferably!).
This technique has been done many ways especially with paper. I thought it would be fun to use felt and fabric and ribbon. After the chocolate bar is gone (usually in a matter of seconds with me around) this wrap could be used for drink cups or journals or what ever you think of to wrap.

I stitch everything together with my zig zag stitch on the sewing machine. I only use a dab of glue stick to hold the fabric to the felt for stitching. The ribbon is long enough to wrap completely around the bar and tie in the front. Very easy to make.

After the photo was taken I added a small orange tag with the recipient's name and tied to the ribbon was also an orange, yellow and white pony bead to look like candy corn.
Truthfully I don't think anyone cared about the cute wrap however they all loved the chocolate bar beneath it.
This is an easy and inexpensive way to use scraps and give a little gift to lots of people who love chocolate. Of course I try to personalize the type of chocolate to each of the recipients likes but that is not necessary at all.
I have one made for Mr. C and after he tears off the cute Halloween wrap I know he would just throw it away so it will be mine to re-use in another project. The creating just continues and I love that.
Happy creating...


  1. Very sweet! Like you are...xo Kathy
    PS. I would care very much about the pretty wrap around that delicious chocolate...♥ I love how you create...

  2. The wraps all look fabulous! I love that fabric you used, great with so many different images. Perfect for Halloween!

  3. oh i just love the idea of taking something so sweet and making it just that much sweeter! this idea is fabulous for any occasion! Even a pretty and pink girly girl party would be great!

    Smiles...happy creating!

    ciao bella


  4. LOL -- chocolate bars, preferably the non-eaten type! Well where's the fun in that??? Ha! I always have to buy twice as much as I need for a project like this... one for YOU and one for ME, two for YOU and three for ME....

  5. very very cute. great idea.

    have you seen lindsay's wonderful halloween papers at ben's?

    enjoy you fall days.

  6. these are super cute!! and as much as i would love the chocolate, i would love the special wrappers just as much!! you're a sweet friend to make these for all of those choco-holics in your life! xox, :)))

  7. I would be jumoing for joy if someone went to the trouble to make this for are a doll! And these are so pretty and adorable!

  8. Adorable...but...I didn't know I was supposed to give gifts for Halloween!!! No one told me!!!
    I just gave a piece of candy...sheesh!!

  9. Very cute idea that can be used for lots of things. I saw where you had started following me, so I am following you now as well. I look forward to getting to know you.

  10. What a cute idea. You are always coming up with the most wonderful ideas. Very special.

  11. Beautiful and Super wonderful...I love them..they are so are always so creative!

  12. How simple and sweet(literally!) is that!
    Little halloween coats for our Candy bars!
    Very creative!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. What a cute idea, now this is happy creating!
    enJOY a beautiful day!


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