Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Creative Table...

This is my wonderful creative work table today. I feel so blessed to be able to play with my supplies.
I am using a recycled card front, some cotton fabric, pink and white papers and a sheer ribbon. Glue and my sewing machine will hold them all together.
Here is the finished card and bookmark. This photo is a little intense with the color as the actual card is much more subtle.
Super simple and super quick.
Now to package them and get them mailed to someone who can use some pink cheering up.
What are you working on in your creative space?
I also made a birthday card I forgot to photograph and I already have it sealed for mailing.
Do you recycle greeting cards? What is your favorite way to reuse them?
Please share your ideas.
Happy creating to all...


  1. What beautiful colourful creations, sure to brighten anyone's day!

    I always keep Christmas cards and recycle them into gift tags for the following year. (Only the shop bought ones though!)

    Thanks for sharing x

  2. Sherry,
    it is a wonderfull card,-and made to give joy, to someone, makes it even mor special.
    Dear I have send off ,a little something to you today :)
    Hugs from Dorthe

  3. This card is so pretty! And what is more cheerful than a hummingbird?!
    Your friend will love it.


  4. you are so talented!
    enjoy the day!

  5. This is just fantastic. I'm saving cards now for sure, heck I may even buy a few myself. lol I've been trying to come up with a creative solution to my bedroom wall. The table I'd planned between the 2 bookcases isn't doing it design wise. I need higher and heavier. hmmm

  6. Pretty! Isn't it so wonderful to have a space to play with supplies of all kinds?!

  7. your super simple, super quick creation is super fabulous!!! isn't it fun to play with all of your pretty supplies?!! xox, :)))

  8. So lovely! What a happy card to open in the mail... lucky recipient!

    I'm working on getting my creative space spruced up! Painting, rearranging and organizing (hopefully!)

  9. Hi Sherry! That's sooo pretty, your friend will love it! There's nothing like getting a special handmade goodie in the mail to brighten one's day! ... I used to make gift tags out of my old cards...Have a fun, creative day, Sweetie! xo Paulette

  10. yes, i do recycle greeting cards at times...in fact, I just cut out a pretty pink flower the other day and set it aside for some future use....

    this is a great way to reuse pretty things!
    well done! it's so nice to see you 'humming' along with your creative endeavours!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella!


  11. Your newest designs are stunningly beautiful! Your continued visits to my place, as well as your kind and generous words, mean so very much to me. Hugs Of Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  12. i love to recycle greeting cards into new cards with my own ideas and twists!

    i love what you have done.

    have a nice evening.

  13. Oh gorgeously fun bright colours! I love this! keeley

  14. Hi...I do recycle my greeting cards..Christmas and otherwise.
    I save all my cards and with fingernail scissors I cute out tiny figures..that would fit in eggs. I use them in my eggery along with old garage sale jewelry etc. My daughters and Grand daughers get together a couple of time a year..and make egg ornaments. I have a file of cards suitable for cutting..
    Nice to do on a winters day or evening..
    Thank you for your nice comment.

  15. That is dynamite! I would have never said, "too intense" (even the photo version). I just love what you put together!


  16. What a pretty card! That will surely cheer someone up!! Found your blog through Rebecca Anthony! How do you do?!! My creative space is full of moustaches on sticks...a party favor for our upcoming wedding! Weeee!

  17. WoW! Stunning! I love the vibrant colors!
    Makes me want to dig my old cards out! Thanks for sharing!
    True :D


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