Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Gift Given...

Now I can show you another project I worked on, have given and has been received. My very sweet cousin has been having some difficult life issues and recently had her husband pass away while she is dealing with her ailing mother and father whom live with her. Her father, my uncle, is with hospice care so time is short. I wanted to give her something she could wear and that would bring a smile to her day. So as you can see in the above photo I got out the supplies to make her a pair of earrings. Very simple and sedate as that is what she would like.
Then I thought I would stamp and color a tag to mail them with. The roses are done with a packing tape transfer that is so simple and fun to do. I purposefully made the colors bright and intense as it was still gray and dreary winter when I sent these. She and I both have similar weather even though we live in two different states. She likes the snow and we all know I like the hot sun. LOL
A small coin envelope on the back side of the tag to hold the earrings for safe journey through the mail. Of course I also wrapped these in pattern tissue which is my new favorite and tied them with ribbon and sent the package in a card and padded envelope.

And here we have the finished earrings. Turquoise nuggets and beads. My cousin loves them. What a great feeling it gives me to know that she is wearing them and that she really does love them. She even got a new blouse that matches perfectly.
I am so happy that you like these my sweet cousin.


  1. Well that was very loving and thoughtful of you to do! they look great..and the packaging is just as interesting...

    you mention packing tape does one do this? sounds interesting, looks amazing!

    ciao bella
    and thanks for coming by!

    btw...have you been to my other, newer's called

    come by anytime..

  2. Simply smashing. I, too, have never heard of packing tape transfer.

  3. What a sweet present to send your cousin. I bet the packaging was just as much a gift to her as the darling earrings. I'm sure they gave her a much needed 'hug' during a very hard time.

  4. gorgeous earrings....and the packaging is perfect, as always!!! i'm sorry that your cousin is going through such a difficult time right now....i know that this sweet package of happiness from you will surely lift her spirits! :))

  5. Ah so thoughtful of you and they are so beautiful. How do you do packing tape transfers? It looks wonderful. Thanks for the birthday wishes. That was very sweet of you.

  6. You are so sweet to take such care in making the perfect package along with the wonderful earrings.

  7. I'm so sorry your cousin is having such a hard time. You were so sweet to send her this beautiful gift, and so very thoughtful also. I'm sure she felt your hug as soon as she opened the package!
    Have a great Sunday, Sweetie! ;D Paulette


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