Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Moved My Focus?

Here it is March and the sun is shining for more than a few hours, the rain has subsided for the time being, Daffodils are blooming and we have Daylight Savings Time in effect which gives us longer days by staying light later. Personally I love all of this. Unfortunately I lose my New Year resolve and my FOCUS gets distracted and I go in way too many directions and start way too many projects. I am just so excited that we will be done with dreary and cold winter (well for the most part).
So...Who Moved My Focus? Who me? Did I do that? (Can't you just hear Urkel saying that?!)
So luckily I caught myself and re-focused myself so that I can be on track to accomplish all of the wonderful things I plan on accomplishing this year.

Pictured at the top is the Tuscany countryside in Italy. I took that inspiration and made this necklace and earrings from some of the Murano glass beads I bought while visiting Italy.
Tuscany Gold Green is what I named this...Tuscan Oro Verde. I like the combination of glass beads and fabric heart yo-yos. Yes, I have listed it in my etsy shop. I feel like I am on my focus once again and it feels so excellent to accomplish something today.
I have been working on my Adorn-Me jewelry design line and I shall be able to post updates in the near future. For now I am just thrilled to be working in my studio and making what I love to do.
How are you doing on your own personal New Year "resolutions"?


  1. I love this: Who Moved My Focus? ! Great way of putting it! It's hard when there are just so many ideas spinning around in my head. I do know now though, that I need to go to Tuscany. Gorgeous photo! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! ~Kathy

  2. I think you should keep your focus on Italian things like vistas...and your creation is lovely...it's a wonderful interpretation!!!!!

    another Italian thing that you should keep focused on is....

    ME....I'm italian, purebread!

    ciao bella!

  3. Hi Hun! Let me tell you, that necklace set is just beautiful! Your focus is certainly in full swing! That color is so gorgeous, and I love how you combined those special beads with the pretty soft yoyos. Beautiful!... That photo of the Italian countryside is stunning! At first I thought it was Ireland. I'm Italian too...but today, I'm Irish! Have a fun, fun day creating! ... I never make resolutions! xoxo's Paulette

  4. Your countryside jewelry is just so perfect with all the sparkling gold colors that mirror the sun shining on that beautiful, Italian countryside.

    I enjoyed reading about your inspiration and know exactly what you mean about there being so much to do and experience. Everything just seems to get done in its own time no matter how many things I decide to try my hand at.

    Sending sparkly gold fairy dust for a productive and blissfully creative day.

    ~Kitty Kellie

  5. hello! i just love your feather boas! just fabulous. your etsy shop and blog are beautiful. i am so happy to have found your blog. thank you for sharing! best wishes! xoxo, juliette

  6. My favorite color these days. It's the color of my living room wall, a favorite ring with a green faux gemstone, a small storage bench in my bathroom. Green has such a good energy to me!!! Beautiful.


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