Sunday, March 28, 2010

Having fun...

These are my newest shoes and socks. My SS (Soul Sister) Lorraine gave me these super fun socks in my Christmas stocking and I saved them for just the right time to wear. As for my shoes well my Sister Marie has the best shopping radar on the planet. We were at Nordstroms Rack and I was so overloaded I gave up looking when Marie said, "Sherry what about these they look like you?". Needless to say I put them on and wore them out of the store after paying for them of course. They are super comfortable and very much me! Thank you Lorraine and Marie. I feel like Alice in Wonderland with this look. LOL
Here is my Week #12 Creative Cue. The word of the week was RICH. I had lots of things come to mind however I wanted to wait until I processed each of them for a few days. Money is of course one thought...not for me as I am not rich and do not think I shall ever be so in this lifetime. I am a visual and touchy-feely person so I kept coming back to the colors and texures that I love and use in my daily creative endeavors. However, the most important RICH any of us can have is family and friends (with health coming close behind). I did not want to print pictures of these numerous persons and share them so I merely gave mention. In my heart and soul I know how incredibly RICH I am for all of my wonderful family and my numerous friends I am fortunate enough to have.
What is something you would classify as RICH? Maybe your favorite flavor or taste of something?


  1. Hi!!!
    first of all let me just say that you totally rock those stripped socks and cute shoes! a saucey chick like you can pull anything off, I am assuming!

    secondly, what you said about family is RICH...
    as far as flavours....anything chocolate....tres rich to me!!! can never get enough...I'd bathe in it if that could be a normal thing to do, that would be rich!!! lol

    ciao bella
    thanks for your visit
    always my pleasure

  2. I just adore your shoes and socks! I am rich in love, family and friends. I am rich for I am able to immerse myself in all of the creativity that is out here in Blogland! Thank you!

  3. Those shoes are awesome especially when paired with those magical striped socks. What fun!

  4. I like your creative cue piece, it covers so much. Of course we are blessed most by the people we have in our lives, but I think most of us who are reading these particular blogs got here becuse we can't walk through a fabric or yarn store without touching everything! And then there are the tastes, (yes, chocolate, but also all the wonderful spices, and fresh pinapple, and...). And then the smells, lilac, fresh bread, cut grass, crisp leaves. We live in a very RICH world.


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