Friday, March 5, 2010

Finish It Friday...

Happy Friday and the sun is shining. I declare this to be "Finish It Friday". I must have at least five unfinished things/projects sitting here on my desk all at once. Yes I have a very large desk as it is at least 3 feet by 6 feet and I manage to fill up every flat surface space there is. So that is how I have so many projects and unfinished things around me all at once. No, that doesn't count the ones that are in the studio or in the sewing room. I don't think I could count that high or if I could I would drop from exhaustion. LOL
So getting back to "Finish It Friday" I am planning on completing at least the five projects I have right now on my desk surrounding me. None of these will take more than a few hours each so therefore I definitely have enough time in the 24 hour clock.
I have the right supplies to finish each of them so what can my excuse be? Lazy? Procrastinator? Undecided? Not Me! I merely begin more than I should all the time. Can anyone relate to doing this? I recently read that we don't finish things yet begin new ones because it is more exciting to start something new. Well, here I am declaring this to be "Finish It Friday" and before I go to bed tonight I will have completed these five projects. I know I will feel amazing after I am done. I know I will have renewed energy and excitement from such an accomplishment. I know I will feel good that I no longer have to worry about getting these done in time as some have critical deadlines I must meet.
So beginning with the picture above...I purchased these little canvas bags at the $1.29 store in town and embellished them for St. Patrick's with some green ribbon and one of my little green fabric heart yo-yo's I have been making. These are for my friends when we get together for lunch on St. Patrick's day. Of course I am putting a little surprise inside for the ladies but shhh I want to keep that a secret for now.
I will be sharing my other projects in future posts however for now they shall merely go on the endangered UFO list. I must get very busy as my clock is ticking away and I have very few hours left to complete my mission.
Would you like to join me in "Finish It Friday"? I know I will feel better and less overwhelmed.


  1. I so relate to this post. But I fear I am not as organized as you and tend to go off on other paths all the time. Now my projects list is horrendously long. LOL But you have set a great example that I shall now try to follow. Love the sweet green bags and am sure your friends will too! Sharon :-)

  2. Your bag idea is fab. I love the price too!
    I have a huge table in my art room, maybe 7 feet long. And I always have so many projects going I am left with only a little space to work! So I do know what it is like to have so many things going at one time. But it's all good, having a creative mind and lots of fun ideas.
    Happy creating!

  3. Oh dear, you have fabulous wares! Thank you for stopping by my anniversary blog post and leaving your trail towards a bit of creators' heaven here!!!! Your photos are equally as stunning as your work and give us a much better feel for what you have up your sleeve! Excellent....

  4. Part of Finishing it on Friday is knowing what you are up against. So I'm going to pay attention to the fact that starting something new is more exciting than finishing something old. Surely I know its true so I need a creative idea to keep finishing fun! The bags sure look like fun!


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