Friday, March 12, 2010

DH Finish it Friday...

This week it turned out to be my Dear Husband's Finish it my studio. It went something like this, "Can you clear a space on your table for me to work on something?" I cleared much more than he said he needed and it wasn't enough space so I kept clearing more. My table is over 4' X 8' and wonderful. We cut and taped poster board together to a nice large size. Being an engineer all his life everything must be very exact! Did I say we are Mars and Venus? Oh definitely! Total opposites in everything we do and say.
What is that black dirty thing you ask? His template. The current trunk liner that he must replace because he has been "engineering some improvements to his car" and needs a new one that is slightly different and will be custom made of aluminum.

Oh goody. Progress and the poster board for the most part is cooperating. Good news. This was a short project. Let's see, we have had a tea break and then a few more hours and we have had lunch. Back at the project. At least I was able to offer every type of scissors, ruler, rotary cutter, circle cutter and tool he might need. Who knew I could be so useful?! LOL

Uh Oh...furrowed brows. Not to worry. A minor adjustment, some more measuring, some cutting, some taping and good to go.
Oh my the evening news is on? Where did the time go today? We were just doing a minor making of a template for a pattern.
Well, lets see if it fits. (Me saying, "Oh let's not".) Out to the for the first fit.

Wow! One minor adjustment with the sharpest tiny scissors and eureka! We have a perfect fit. I said he is an engineer! Of course it was an all day project and we used every tool possible as happens with most projects.
Congratulations Dear Husband on Finish it Friday. You got it done and it is as wonderful as you.
As for me and my projects? Well, nothing got finished for me today but I did start a few more things which I shall share at another time. It was a much better feeling today to spend time in my studio observing and helping (?) my wonderful Dear Husband. If I ever need a template I will definitely have him help me...provided I have lots of time to spare. LOL
I hope you each had a productive Friday. It was perfect to be inside as the rain was non-stop all day. Our ground is so saturated and soggy and muddy. But the plants love it. Come on Spring.
May you each enjoy your weekend and do what makes you happiest.


  1. Oh Sweetie....
    Weren't you just the sweetest little hostess? You shared your work space, and even gave up your day of crafting. I would say that would at least rate you to say, "A breakfast out on the town for Saturday morning?" I would think so. I mean you were patient, and helped, and gave up what you had planned. Yep, I am thinking at least a breakfast.

    Love it that you share. So precious. Have a gorgeous Saturday sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. 8^) I relate! My farmer is kinda picky about things fitting just so. He has showed up to borrow a ruler or five. He always leaves wishing he had 'tools' like mine! I should have as many rulers as he has screw drivers! LOL But "can you hold this for a minute..." often turns into a major time commitment. But you are right, they are VERY dear!

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  4. I loved hearing about your sweet hubby's project, and it turned out just great! My dad was an electrical engineer, and my sister's a mechanical. Don't you just love how they think?!! ...I loved the glimpse into your great craftroom too! All those boxes filled with goodies, I'm sure...and such a grand work table too! Love it! Have a wonderful Sunday! xo Paulette

  5. I loved the way you told your story! It was cute! and don't you just love spending time with your DH! I do! with mine, I mean...I've never met your husband! I swear haha....just kidding!

    anyhow..thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow! That's a keeper, that guy! I bet you don't have any unfinished projects or around your house!

    Diane :-)

  7. Awww that's so fun you could help him all day and spend the day together working on that. This story made me smile :) Thanks for sharing :)

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  9. What a wonderful way to spend a day together! You always seem to get so much done and still have time to think and blog about your thoughts! Thsnkyou for your lovely encouraging comments on my blog!

  10. I love this chronical of Finish it Friday, along with photos of furrowed brow! And the glimpse of all of our bins of goodies in the background is great too.


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