Saturday, March 6, 2010

Satisfaction Saturday & Sunday...

A very simple watercolor and stamped post card using my favorite inspirational stamp. Can you believe the adorable charm to match? I found those and knew I had a match. I shall be doing more creative things with these two in the future. For now I mailed my little post card minus the charm to my sister just to say hello. I will give her the charm in person. Sometimes the mail handling is a bit rough and things get lost or mutilated on the way to their destination.
So for Satisfaction Saturday & Sunday...
My Finish It Friday was a success. I completed all five of the top priority projects that were on my desk. Today I mailed two packages that were deadline critical and I feel so much better to have them on their way. Now I feel like I can enjoy my weekend and spend some time relaxing with my DH who has been going through a very troublesome root canal for almost a month now. It is so not like him to feel so poorly and exhausted. This morning with no rain we ventured into town (remember our quaint National Historic Town in the Gold Country) and not only got the mailings done at the post office we also did a little walking. We happened on the monthly book sale at the historic library and managed to pick up several good books. His for reading and mine for artistic endeavors. Our purchases will help the floundering library system here locally. I always knew about the monthly book sale but now that I have actually been to it I shall for certain be going again. What a wonderful way to purchase some interesting books for so little. Then we stopped in the local coffee house and had a window seat to sip our beverages. We watched lots of people coming and going. It is always good to see visitors come to our tiny town. Upon driving home we stopped at one of my favorite neighborhood parks and we walked a short trail they have there. It was invigorating and led us right up to lunchtime. So home we came. Now we are settling in for an afternoon of reading in front of the fire and for me some hand sewing in order to complete some more projects.
I hope you and yours enjoy and have a Satisfaction Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Unreal that you found that charm but just makes it..

  2. Love your card with the delightful little shoes. Great saying. Sharon

  3. Oh My Goodness Sweetie..
    What a beautiful charm to match your precious stamp. I love these little shoes. They are just precious. I bet your sister will be thrilled to get this precious card of love. You are so kind and generous.

    Sounds as though you and DH had a beautiful day, mailing, lunching, strolling and shopping. How fun is that? Reading by the fire the treasures you gathered earlier in the day. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing sweet friend. Have a beautiful rest of the weekend. Country hugs...Sherry

  4. Hi Sweetie!

    My husband is going through a terrible root canal also!!! The poor guy is in such agony...lets wish for them both to feel better really quickly!

    I love the card you made for your sister! That stamp and charm are so adorable!

    Keep creating and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    xo Paulette ;)

  5. Hi,

    Oh my - your sister will love the adorable card and sweet little shoes. I love all of your work and enjoy visiting your lovely blog.

  6. Beautiful card and little shoes....
    There's been a lot of the dental thing going on...Yuk!

    Have a better week,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. What a wonderful stamp!!! I jsut love Mary Janes and I used to dress my daughter in them all the time- now all she wants to wear is sneakers- better than flip flops though, right!!!
    Finishing projects is so very satisfying isn't it!!! Good for you getting so much done and then being able to enjoy your morning with DH!!! Sure taht it did him alot of good to get out and about!!!!

    Watch out now that you ahve been to the monthy book sale!!!! We ahve a monthly one here and it is a great place to pick up great books for my read aholic teenagers but I do also find tons of great old damaged and worn books to use in art and particularly fabric/paper. I ahve justified spending alot of money by saying it will help the library and I lvoe to do all i can to help in that area!! THE STACKS OF BOOKS ARE PILING UP HOWEVER!!!!!
    Happy Stitching!

  8. Hello Sweet Friend,

    Your post card is divine and what an adorable charm! Your sister is going to adore both!

    I wanted to thank you for participating in my giveaway and for all of your wonderful comments...each brought a big smile to my face!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  9. I just love days like that..LOVE them. We had a similar weekend.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my "cleaned up" silver bowl. I get a kick out of watching something that is a total mess begin to glow in front of my eyes! S'wonderful!

  10. Beautiful card! And I LOVE the charm! It sounds like you all had a wonderful, productive, and relaxing weekend, except for the root canal trouble :( So sorry - I've had one before and it is no fun at all! I hope it gets better soon :) Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog- so glad to have found your blog too, lots of fun ideas and inspiration- I can't wait to read more! :)

  11. Love those little shoes! How cute was that? Thank you so much for all your sweet comments of late over at my place. You offer such encouragement, and I cannot tell you how it lifts the soul at just the right moments sometimes. Hope you have a wondeful week!

    Blessings, Joy and Monday Sunshine, Teri


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