Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wet Wednesday...

This is again a Wet Wednesday. We had about 6 inches of snow overnight. I would like to see sunshine however it is so sparse that the clouds are covering it over. The snow is trying to melt from the trees and that makes for a very wet day. Whether driving or walking you need a cover.
Here is a lovely farm scene and more colors of green. I love green and think it is so refreshing.
Years ago Wet Wednesday was the day of the week that my very young boss always left the office very early and went sailing. It was supposed to be a secret but you know how the rumor mill works, especially at work. There were several of us young women and we decided to surprise him one lovely summer evening after work. We bought hot pink tight fitting t-shirts and in bold black lettering had the front of the shirts printed, "WET WEDNESDAY". We all drove to the marina and met him sailing in. There we were standing on his dock and cheering. Boy was he surprised that we knew where to find him. Of course all was happy including Happy Hour which we all stayed and enjoyed. Oh those were the days so long ago. No more hot pink tight fitting tshirts or Wet Wednesdays.
May you have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy whatever you are doing. Me...I am off to a meeting of volunteers.


  1. Hello doll,

    I love the color green too, especially with shades of reds and pinks. Speaking of those pinks, I just love your story about surprising your boss! That sounds like something I might have done in my younger days. Haha!

    Thank you so much for coming by to say hello. What a pleasure to see you. Sending wishing dust your way for a blissfully creative day!

    ~Kitty Kellie

  2. This photo would be such a fabulous colour scheme for a quilt. Probably a necklace too! 8^)

  3. Hi Sweetie! What a cute story! I loved it! xo's Paulette


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