Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finishing with the greens...

Yes that is me in green head to toe for St. Patrick's Day. I know I do go over-the-top. But I like to have fun and be in the spirit. So I am putting away the green clothes and moving on to...
Here is a very simple and quick idea for dressing up your favorite chocolate bar and presenting it to your friends for a little "Thinking of you gift". Take some scrapbook paper - scraps are perfect for this - and cut a width to fit around the bar like a band. Embellish it with any additional papers, stickers or such. Wrap the completed band of paper around the bar and affix with some double stick tape. This is also a fun way to personalize each bar and you can go as detailed or as simple as you like or have time to do.
Now back to my jewelry making. I am working on several pieces at the moment. I shall post pictures when appropriate. I have two commissioned pieces I am doing. I am also working on designing and making a necklace that is very intriguing and will be listed when completed. Another piece that I am finally finishing up after spending way too much time on but it will be so worth it when completed. So that is what I have been working on along with lots of other daily doings.
The days are sunny and not so dreary which really helps me get some work done. I do have deadlines that also help me get things completed. Otherwise you might find me out listening to the frogs in the pond and gazing at the blue sky. Or watching the birdies flit from tree to tree. Hmmm even counting how many daffodils are blooming. What a glorious day this is.
What might you be doing now that Spring has sprung?


  1. The greens are lovely! The wrapped bar is a such a good idea. I have so much I want to do that I'm hoping all this blustering wind will bring some snow to dampen the dandelions enthusiasim for lovely greens and yellow as I am so NOT ready to give up any play time here in my coop!

  2. Love your sweet green, suede-y shoes! Can't wait to see your jewelry work now.

  3. I just love your suede shoes! It was wonderfully spring-y here today so I took the pup for a walk (through the mud, chasing leaves) and took photos of snowdrops and crocus peeking out!!

  4. well, not only do i LOVE your taste in shoes (they're fabulous!!!), you chosen my favorite chocolate as well!!! thanks for the great ideas on how to decorate it (although mine never lasts long enough.....!) :)))

  5. I love the shoes and socks and the candy bar. I bet you looked darling!

  6. oh how cute and creative!
    Are those your shoes?.. I have been looking for Mary Janes for myself for a while now.. and just can't find them.

    I am glad I am back too.. one month was a very long time.
    this evening will be working on dolls.. keep those peepers open!

  7. Cutie shoes!!!!
    Looking forward to your commissioned pieces!!!
    I had a wonderful weekend for Jewelry sales last week....Love it when that happens!!!!
    Love visiting and seeing your work!
    Bar wrappers are a great idea...loved yours...
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. Fabulous green shoes! Lovely color and perfect with most everything. Happy Spring!!


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