Monday, March 8, 2010

Momentum Monday...

Isn't is wonderful when things come together and you are able to accomplish some things you have begun?! I have had so many projects started that I just had to get some of them completed. So in keeping with my Friday last week and on through a beautiful sunny and relaxing weekend with DH here I am posting about keeping up the momentum and completing a few more projects.
The first photo is of Creative Cue that I have been participating in since inception. Three Creative Studios is hosting this. It is a no pressure very easy and inspiring weekly cue to be creative. Last week's cue was STEM. I will admit that I am not putting a ton of time into this nor am I trying to be super artistic on them but I am able to complete each week on time and it is a spark of creativity to come up with something that no one else is doing.
My second photo is a very simple bookmark. Yes, it is in the color green which for some reason is the entire beginning of March until St. Patrick's day has come and gone. I used one of my little heart yo-yos and handstitched some 6.0 seed beads to it. I handstitched it to a sheer ribbon which also has a strip of grosgrain for detail. The edges of the doubled sheer are a simple straight stitch which adds to the dimension of the overall bookmark yet keeping it very flat so as not to harm your book you are reading. Lots of time and handwork but the result is lots of love and care put into this for my chosen recipient.
And lastly but not least is the photo of five Comfort Dolls. This is a project I have blogged about before and I am passionate about this. People from all over the world make and donate small dolls that get coordinated and sent to Battered Women Shelters for them to have some "comfort" and know that many people are thinking of them and wishing them safe. Check out to see how you might want to help support this worthy cause. Pat Winter was the founder and has recently turned it over to Brenda Hutchings so let's all do whatever we can. My five little dolls are happy to spread cheer wherever they go. They will travel to Brenda, along with a few coins for mailing expenses, and then she will post where they get to go to give comfort. In the past I even had some of my dolls go to our local shelter. That was heartwarming. Thank you so much Pat and Brenda and all the people who contribute to this amazing and fun project. Bye bye comfort dolls and enjoy your new homes.
Well, my Monday is rushing along and I must get busy. I want to keep the momentum going. Can you believe I still have things to complete. Whew!
What are you working on and would like to complete?


  1. You are on a creative roll! I adore all your creations and the comfort dolls are so sweet and what a wonderful way to bring comfort to women going through a difficult time. I adore your sweet soul and kind spirit.

    Have a blessed week Sweet Friend!


  2. You are moving along marvelously. I am behind on the cues, It stems from... well, whatever! I need to quit eating that stem!

  3. I like your idea of "Finish It Fridays" and your stem cue piece looks like a botanical drawing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am working on another bag and trying to get it finished..Love those dolls and what they mean,That is just awesome..

  5. The comfort doll project sounds just wonderful. I will visit the website to read more about it. It sounds like such a great thing to do.

  6. I saw your comfort dolls on CD blog and thought I'd check out your blog....nice work on the dolls and I like the wooden faces.



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