Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saucy Chicks Story...

Hello followers of my blog and any new readers who might be checking in today. I will tell you a little story of the Saucy Chicks. The store bought journal contains the beginnings of my story. I have recently finished updating this journal with tons of photos and memorabilia so as to have one place of reference. At least five years ago my dear friend Lorraine (the pretty lady on the right in the photo below) was out and about and she called me to tell me her excitement. "Sherry, we are going to make chickens!" WHAT? I am thinking how a chicken really looks and worrying about how to make their skinny legs and wrinkled feet. My imagination just wasn't cooperating at all.
As you can see in this photo above we went all out and really got into the spirit of the chicken theme. Our aprons, pins, displays all screamed chickens. We decided we were Saucy Chicks who make Saucy Chick chickens. We spent countless hours in the studio, or I should say "chicken coop" as it became known, designing, cutting fabrics, sewing and sewing and sewing our Saucy Chick chickens.

If we ever made one we made a six-pack or a dozen or more at a time. We had chickens everywhere. My house, her house, the cars, places of business and restaurants. We had so much fun making them 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and never realized how many we were accumulating. We even named each and every one of our little chickens. We also had each and every one of them do a photo shoot to document how special they were. No two were ever alike and no duplicate names. Our little chickens have been delivered all over these states as they were purchased and found new owners and homes. We made so many we lost count.

We also donated them by the dozens to local homes for the elderly, to convalescent hospitals and the oncology department of our local hospital. They always brought smiles to every face that saw them.
Now we only make them upon special request.
We now spend the majority of our time focusing on our jewelry design and sales. As you can see in the photo above even our little chicks wore jewelry on occasion. never know when someone will say, "Hey Saucy Chicks! What are you up to?" I suppose we shall forever be the Saucy Chicks. We certainly had a ton of fun and brightened a lot of "peeps" with our adorable little chickens.
So now you know the story.


  1. I must say darling!!!! that your chicken aprons are divine! they are so happy and whimsical...good for you all! Saucey Chicks indeed!

    Ciao groovy girl!


  2. Sherry, those are certainly saucy chicks. The feathers must have been flying when you were in full flight! tremendous!

  3. Ah Sherry..thanks for sharing this post. Loved the roosters..makes me think I should paint more of them.

    Sure have enjoyed your recent visits to my place. Thanks for remembering me Sweet Sherry. I too, enjoy popping over to your place. I wait to see what beautiful creation you come up with next.

    Blessings, Joy and Thursday Sunshine, Terri

  4. i just love these roosters! so fun:) and your aprons are absolutely fabulous! best wishes! xoxo, juliette

  5. Hey Saucy Chick!
    I love this story!
    The chickens are down right adorable.

  6. You are two saucy chicks indeed! Love how they accessorize with their jewelry ;)

  7. Gorgeous creations :) I'm loving how you have your ribbon under the that's a brilliant idea!!

  8. I have seen these and now I know the saucy chick behind them. Love them.

  9. I love your name Sherry! So you're saucy Sherry the chick lady!...What a great post, I love your chicks and your aprons are just great! You and your cousin look adorable and like you're having so much fun! xo Paulette


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