Monday, January 23, 2012

Home Suite Home...

My "Disconnected December" has turned into "Jumbled January".  However FLEXIBILITY is my saviour.  I can adapt to most any situation...
I have not been able to keep up with blogging as well as I would like.  It seems that my desktop computer at home has special programs that the shared traveling laptop does not contain.  Therefore I am at a loss when it comes to sharing personal photos and updates on projects.  So...
Home Suite Home.  Living in Bakersfield while Mr. C helps a dear friend. 
I cannot complain as I have everything I need (minus my computer and programs!) for daily living.  I like to refer to my space as my little "cottage".  This Homewood actually is very nice and they fix breakfast daily and dinner Mon - Thurs.  Hot tea and freshly baked cookies are my favorites every day.  Yes, I will need to get back to WW and Zumba and work it all off!
This is the general comfort area and it is never crowded or noisy.  The staff are super nice and accomodating.  Behind this fireplace is the common eating area.  With multi flat screen TVs and a view of the pool area.  We even have daily newspaper delivery right to our room door.  This life is not bad at all and almost has more ammenities than I have at home.  I did make the mistake of remarking to Mr. C that I really like this cozy living.  His comment was, "Then why do we live in such a large home?"  Oops...what was I thinking?  So of course I had to realize that none of my stuff could possibly fit in this size of living space.   No sewing room with all its fabrics, laces and buttons.  No studio with its amazing array of everything artsy and crafty.  What was I thinking?!!  I guess the simpler life of being taken care of daily got me scattered.  Only having a totally coordinated closet of clothes and shoes is refreshing...but can I accomplish that at home for real?  My current closet might qualify for "hoarder" status but I will never admit to that.  I just can't stand to get rid of perfectly good clothes...even if I feel awful in them.  I think that comes from only having hand-me-downs to wear while growing up.
 I didn't really need this kitchen since the wonderful staff ladies cook for me every day and Mr. C takes me out to eat.  It was nice to have the refrigerator for bottled water and fresh dark chocolate bars.
How can a bedroom this small be functional and comfortable?  Amazing when I come home and see my bedroom that I love and realize it is probably the size of this entire "cottage".  I am convincing myself that my next home will be a cozy cottage.  We will be downsizing for certain.  I also realize I don't have staff to clean and take care of everything for me and I am getting too old and worn out to do a really good job.  Besides my time needs to be spent being creative and playing!
One bathroom for two people?  With only one sink for two people?  How does this work?  Quite well when the two people are not both getting ready at the same time every day. 
Plenty of room in the living room with comfortable seating and fair lighting.  Complete with a desk for that laptop and working.  We did have two flat screen TVs and each one could be watching a different program and that was nice. 
So in reality when did it become a requirement to live in a space that is so huge and have so much to take care of and maintain?  Cozy cottage...cozy cottage...cozy cottage...
Next I will share with you how I never get bored and how I was able to play even while away.
Thank you to those who wondered where I was.  Your care and concern are very much appreciated.
Now I am going to catch up on lots of blogs I missed reading...while doing laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying and all else that needs attention. 
Hooray for rain and a bit of snow for our winter is now behaving properly. It is good to be home!
I am loving all the Valentine Heart projects I am seeing...what are you working on?


  1. Wow, that does seem like a nice place, but like you said, where in the heck do we put all of our junk. No place unless, you buy or live in 2 spaces and combine them by breaking down the wall that seperates them. Now that is a thought.
    My husband and I live in a fairly large home, 6 rooms and 3 baths and just him and I and the dog. Our kids are always away since they do not live with us. The rooms are small but 3 of them are never used. We talk about another home, but we want a bigger kitchen, bigger living room and dining area, so why move to get something bigger. I always say I'l pass.
    Can't wait to see how you played and entertained yourself while you did not have your things to create.

  2. I could easily qualify as hoarder status compared to when, a very long time ago, I travelled for ten weeks with only a size small backpack! Ack! Anuway, glad to hear you are ok. I have been missing you and was concerned. Enjoy your new snow! Oh, and eat an extra cookie for me.

  3. Oh my goodness...let me just check and see when the next flight leaves for Bakersfield so I can join you!! I would live it up if I were there. It looks so cozy and clean. We are downsizing right now - moving to a small country house this weekend. It is really, really small. But brand new with a front porch and big shade tree, everything tiled inside and lovely stained wood walls. So I am trying not to complain - but I'll have 3 boys in one bathroom. YUCK. haha!

    I love dark chocolate bars stored in the fridge - I buy the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Godiva bars and oh my gosh...I could live off of those If I had too!

    I enjoyed reading this post my friend! Have a lovely week ~ xo

  4. Oh my, what a beautiful place to call home. Everything is so new and pretty. have a beautiful week.

  5. It's good to hear you're well Sherry - and looks as though you've been enjoying yourself too! The comfort area looks wonderful in your photo - and your cozy cottage, just that! It does make you appreciate what you have at home doesn't it. Have fun xx

  6. Amazing how easily we adapt! What a great place to stay - looks perfectly lovely to me. Glad you had a good time!


  7. A jumble indeed! But blessed are the flexible, they shall live to make creative comforts. ;^) I am as behind as you are but we will have fun catching up!

  8. Looks like a lovely place to stay! I hope you have a nice stay.

  9. It really does look cozy, comfy, neat and clean!!!!!
    I love it!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. That does look like a beautiful relaxing place to stay. I too wonder why I need so much space on a regular basis but I tell myself that it is because the grandkids some to visit. It was good to visit with you.

  11. Sounds like a most wonderful experience!! Being waited on sounds awesome!!!
    Glad you are back!!

  12. Hi There! Thanks so much for stopping by! I am following you now too! Looks like a nice place to stay! Are you back home now? I would be missing my own personal space for sure! We, too, however, have a desire to downsize a bit, but in this horrible housing market here in Florida, we won't be doing it any time soon.

    Have a lovely evening!

  13. thanks so much for your comment. i am so flattered and grateful.



  14. How perfectly lovely to be waited on. My closet must be much like yours as I cannot bear to toss clothes that are still things I love.

  15. looks like a very nice place to spend some time. but there really is nothing like home sweet home!
    Glad your back!
    hugs Lynn


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