Friday, January 27, 2012

Playing With Scissors...

Here is another fun craft I played with while in my cozy cottage.  I have seen so many clever people making these paper feathers I just had to try them.  Having limited supplies with me I looked around and found a discarded book that I used some pages from.  I had gone to the local craft store and these "fringe" scissors were just what I needed to make this project.  Bonus...they were on sale.  I also spent a dollar on the white wire I needed.
I sat at my little cozy coffee table and glued with my trusty glue stick I had brought with me.  Then I cut out the shapes and fringed them.  Hmmm...I liked them however they were rather plain and needed something more.
I had no more supplies with me but knew I had just the perfect item at home so I put them in the bag for safe keeping.
Once I was home and unpacked I got out the walnut spray stain and spritzed the feathers.  Much better.
Mr. C was aghast at "MORE SCISSORS"!  Ever since he met me and helped me move (we are do-overs so lots of baggage with me) he has never gotten over how many scissors I have.  He tells people I have hundreds.  Hmmm...I wonder how many screw drivers he has?  Alas it does not matter.  A person needs tools to do a good job and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I could imagine that any of you have more than ONE pair of scissors in your possession.  Could I be correct?
I will be making more of these and using lots of different, tissue, wrapping, thin shopping bags, text pages, and whatever else comes to my crafty hands.
Have you made some and what were your finished projects?
Yesterday we had rain all of my friends called it an Irish Mist and that really did describe it better.  It required windshield wipers when driving but overall very pleasant.  Today we have beautiful sunshine and perfect temperature of about 60 degrees F.  I hope you are having your favorite day...


  1. Had to laugh at this post!
    I did a rough count up of all the scissors I remember having in stock as it were....these include 'specialist' pairs for fabric only,decoupage,embroidery, manicure, wallpaper scissors,even 3 pairs,different sizes and uses of kitchen scissors - there may be more!
    In total about 40 pairs! That's not including at least two pairs of those snipper thingies!

    Oh, my Sisister just gave me a pair this afternoon of extra length blade ones for prescion cutting of fabric!
    One, in my opinion, can never have too many pairs of scissors. LOL!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  2. I have no idea how many I have. I know I have warnings on some. "If these are used to cut paper your life could be short". Or "if these are not returned to the place YOU borrowed them from, I shall not be responsible for what happens to you". Or more to the point, "touch these and your d--d, do I make myself clear". Needless to say my scissors are safe! LOL :-)

  3. Scissors...hmmmmI did a head count and I probably have about 25-30 pairs.That includes the gunked up ones in the garage.They are for cutting glued stuff.
    I have sharp embroidery scissors, not so sharp ones, all Mum's scissors(ten pairs),...
    isn't it fun top play Sherry!! Love those feathers.I must look out for somwe that do that fringing.I think they are for paper tole- have to look in that section next time.

  4. I'm afraid to count and see how many scissors I have, but I know I don't have any fringe scissors. I may have to go shopping!

    I love the feathers. I think the kids at school would get a kick out of making feather bookmarks!

  5. I love scissors! I have all kinds. Some of the pretty edge ones do not cut very well though - but I love them just the same! Lovely feathers!!

    I can't do without my glue gun either!

  6. I have been cracking up since I read the scissors part. I even read it to my husband, which of course he ignored me. Surprisingly he did not make a comment. I do have lots of scissors. I have those Martha Stewart ones and use them to make grass on my projects. But those feather, leaves are great. I will have to try it.
    Hope your weekend comes with no rain. We have 80 degree weathers here in the sunshine state.
    Hope it stays this way so that I can go junking tomorrow. I have not found some good junk (treasures) in a long time.

  7. Hahaha well you just tell Mr C that all us girls need our scissors and hey there cheaper than shoes! LOL
    Sherry your feather is awesome.
    What a great idea!
    Hugs Lynn

  8. These feathers are absolutely wonderful. I've never seen anything like them. The walnut spritzing is super. Scissors. I do have a fair number, surely not double digits! hmmm? another thing I never heard of- fringe scissors! lol

  9. I have been in pajamas (albeit different ones each day) since we came home from school Thursday afternoon, so I am definitely having my favorite kinda day. And the weather was very nice today, though I only ventured out on the balconies to water plants. I've been cooking and baking and cleaning and now I shall crochet a bit. I love your feathers. LOVE! So pretty and that walnut stain definitely did the trick. I've never seen fringe scissors but they would certainly be necessary for the making of feathers. I am sitting looking at a tin can with a crocheted jacket that is holding about 4 pairs of scissors. There are more lurking about. :) Happy day to you, Tammy

  10. I've never seen these feathers before Sherry, they look great! I've just had a quick count up and can see 5 pairs of scissors on top of my craft desk - but there's more in my cupboard and drawer - sshhh, don't tell - LOL xx

  11. Your paper feathers are fabulous! I have never made these, but they look fun to try. I too, have many pairs of scissors. Maybe 20?

  12. Hi Sherry,
    Had to say first you are so clever. I have scads of paint chips. It's impossible to go into a hardware store & not take a couple. I really like how you used yours.
    I love your take on the feathers too. Sweet Karen at Todolwen came up with this wonderful feathers tutorial & I love seeing them on all the blogs.

  13. I missed this, I have not seen any paper feathers, but now I am intrigued! I can't wait for you to show some projects. I have never heard of fringe scissors ....Tell hubby of course I have a ton of scissors...Silly!


  14. I am going to have to try this...So pretty!

  15. I so enjoy visiting your blog and here you have another great post. The paper feathers looks so neat and now besides a bamboo crochet hook I'll be on the lookout for feather scissors too :) Not sure how many scissors I have but perhaps 20 or so. Have a terrific day :)

  16. Beautiful beautiful feathers. I do love these. Yep and scissors are vital :)
    hugs June x


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