Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Playing With Paint

Part 2 continued from previous post...
I was having issues on my last post I just completed a short time ago.   Something about Blogger not being supported by my browser and hmmm...would I like to download Google Chrome.  In this house I NEVER download anything without Mr. C's strict approval.  His computers have always been his lifeline and company earnings so he is very protective of what content is on them and how they are used.
I did interrupt him as he was working and that never goes really well either.  Thank goodness he took a break and looked at what I was not conveying very well. Mr. C does not know Blogger nor does he want to.  He is not interested in blogging or sharing of photos or any such ballyhoo.  He is happy for me that I am enjoying blogging so much but that is as far as his interest goes.
We took a little drive and got a delicious Gyro at our favorite little place for lunch.
When we returned he sat down at my computer and read a few things.  Then...he actually downloaded Google Chrome for me.  Now I am doing a test post to see if Blogger will behave better.  So far so good.  I have been able to upload a photo from my pictures file.  On the last post I did something I have no idea and Picasa did a photo for me which posted.  I have never even used Picasa so go figure.
So we shall see if Google Chrome really will be helpful and if Blogger really will behave for me.
If not...


  1. Love your paint-chip art and how clever with your punches!

    I also love your photos of your "Home Away From Home". You make the best of everything and so beautifully!

    Thanks for sharing so much with us! xxoo

  2. Well it looks as though all is well with blogger. I downloaded Chrome and it seemed to slow my computer down. I then removed it...we will see what happens there.

  3. I am glad that atleast Mr. C got did that download. My husband has no clue of any kind about computers.
    I love those ATC's. They are really cute. All those hearts are adorable.
    Hope your computer stops acting up. I have had to change my blog now, since the download I did is no longer available. I guess who had the blog has closed it down. So for now, it will stay blank until I figure out what and how I want it to look.

  4. Great tags!! Glad Chrome has worked!!

  5. I love your beautiful Valentines! I can't believe those are created from Paint chips. You are so creative my friend! Hope Google Chrome works better for you! xo

  6. Paint chip Valentine's! Wow! What a fab idea. All your Valentine's are so lovely. Perfect pinks and reds!

  7. Love your Valentine atcs! So clever to use the paint chips - and I was glad you mentioned how you took only a few when you bought something. I had wondered about that when I'd see crafty ideas.
    After reading about your "home" away from home, I'm wondering how that would work as a retirement home - hmmm?!!! Might start a trend :)

  8. I know Google Chrome is supposed to work well with blogger. People that did not have Chrome have been having trouble commenting! Yikkes it is always something...I love your Valentine cards


  9. Picasa is the default program Blogger uses to load pictures, so you've actually been using Picasa since you started blogging. It's been recommended to me, by Karen Valentine of "My Desert Cottage," (she's an awesome blog teacher)to open a free account with Photobucket if you wish to use one of those online photo organizers. Picasa is very invasive and if you actually went there and opened the account in your name, it would immediately start loading every image on your computer......sooooo please don't go there.

    I didn't like Google Chrome either, but now I'm used to it, and I haven't had any issues with it so far.

    Your valentines are so cute, and what a novel way to use paint sample tags.


  10. I had heard rumours late last year that we'd need google chrome so I up loaded it and I haven't had any issues. Now there is talk about followers and blogger so we'll see if that amounts to anything. Great valentines!

  11. I haven't a clue about all this computer techy stuff Sherry - I always have to check with my hubby too, before downloading anything new! I'm not on Chrome yet, and hope I won't have to change over. Glad yours all seems to be working well now.

    Your Valentine ATCs are divine!

    Hope you have a lovely and creative day x

  12. Beautiful Valentines! Blogger has been a real bear lately with all kinds of problems, I hope they get everything worked out soon. Glad you were able to post.

  13. Shew! Finally able to LINK to back to you from Comments! That was MY blogger issue as mentioned. I COULD read the comments from my Dashboard, but that doesn't provide the LINKS back to the Commentor......

    Lovin' the Valentines! What a fun way to use paint Chips! I've done a couple of projects with them before,,,,including,,,LOL a "Crown" I made for a friend of mine whose family OWNS a "DO it Center"--it's a Franchise group of hardware stores......

    Anywhoo, I made her a Crown using Paint swatch cards/Nuts and Bolts for a "Ms. America" event,,,,She won! Too funny!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog as of late! I'll try and reciprocate now!


  14. Duh~ "Mental Pausal" Brain shut down before I was going to mention,,,,,I'm going to Ask the Hardware store WHEN they get new paint sample cards,,,,,,as I'm sure they update them, if I can come in and get the OLD ones!

    Worth a Shot........


  15. First thank you for your emails and concern for me. That means so much to me. I think we are now in recovery mode. My precious trees are down and I shall have to start anew, but that's just another new beginning! We are all safe and that is what counts.
    I love your paint chip hearts You are always so clever. I have a box of chips that I use for different projects (including painting walls on occasion).
    I must say your Mr.C sounds like my Mr. C when it comes to computers and blogging. :-).
    You home away from home sure looks inviting. I could go there to hibernate and thaw out. LOL
    I love the salad idea too. I am going to try that.
    Again thanks for your comments.
    Hugs Sharon

  16. I started using Google Chrome last year when blogger started making changes and I was having problems. My kids laughed when they knew I was still using Internet Explorer. Apparently it is old school and Google Chrome or Firefox are the way to go. I've noticed when I leave comments where folks are using the old blogger template, my profile name comes out fine, but when I post comments to new blog templates, there is some crazy symbol and the number 39. I can't figure that out at all. Every time they update, some of us have problems. Some of us are good at figuring them out, and some not so much. Hope you are now back in working order. I love your paint chip atc's. Most folks just throw the paint chips away so if you take a little extra for crafting, I think it's a very good thing. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  17. Oh WOW, these are gorgeous!!!

  18. How clever and simply adorable! Perfect Valentines! :)


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