Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Playing With Paint Chips...

This is how I created some Valentine ATCs while I was in my little cottage away. I acquired some lovely paint chips from the local orange big box store in burgundy, red, pink and whisper pink. I used my heart punches, which I had with me, and made a little pile of hearts. With my ATC blanks I had pre-stamped, my trusty glue stick, some scissors, red Happy Valentine's Day ribbon and a few pre-made hearts from K and Company I was able to create Valentine ATCs. These got mailed out to a very few people all while I was out of town and away from my studio. It is possible to be creative with very little supplies and space.
I was very happy to play with my paint chips and make something fun and colorful. I have used paint chips for lots of projects in the past. I do try to only acquire them when I am actually buying paint and painting supplies however sometimes I just need a very few without the need for the actual gallon of paint. I was making a substantial purchase of other items they sell.
What have you done with paint chips? Please share your projects you have created.
I had another photo to share, however it seems that Blogger has become extremely difficult and misbehaved for me. Something about my reader no longer recognizes my format??? I have no idea what that means. I only hope this will post properly.
Wonderful Wednesday and Blissful Creating...
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  1. Hi Sherry, these tags are gorgeous.Glad you had something to work on while away.
    I know about those chips, my fingers itch when I go past them(he,he).
    Hope your friend is ok.You are a good friend to support her so kindly.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.
    I keep getting more OTT ideas for the book!Kept me awake for a while last night. Playing with paper is wonderful fun.I'm doing another course on Friday- a mini book.

  2. Sherry you might have to go to Google Chrome now. I did and no problems now.

  3. That's a clever idea, Sherry. Those paint chips are fun!

  4. Hi Sherry, Isn't it great to create while away. Sometimes it can be the most inspiring time. I love your tags and the ideas with paint chips. My paint chips lately have been an inspiration for a big project painting our dining room. LOL Maybe I'll use them in a different way now that I see your creations. Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. I don't know how you did it. Going somewhere and only taking a few supplies is not possible and yet you did it and your ATC's are adorable. Love all the hearts on the cards.
    I am going to a crop tomorrow and my desk is fuol of junk to take. And the saddest part is that I am only going to work on a teapot mini album. But I have (and I mean have) to take tons of supplies because I do not want to buy anything I already have at home.
    I will share the mini once I finish it.
    I have never used paint chips, what is it?

  6. You are amazing! I collect bucketfuls of these paint chips. Haven't used them for more than looking and sorting. yet!

  7. How clever...waste not, want not! Great idea!

  8. This is so clever! I'm always collecting paint chips...but never know what to do with them! I'd love to see some of the other things you do with them.


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