Friday, January 6, 2012

Interpreting Play...

 In selecting my word PLAY for 2012 I knew it would be open for lots of interpretations.  I really had no clear definition of what play would mean to me.  So in that vein, these are my tools that allowed me to play the last few days.  Yes,  the humble rake in both small metal and large plastic versions.  Mr. C and I live on 10 acres of mountainous terrain with tons of trees and all they drop. Fortunately we only landscaped and detail maintain 2 acres.  As we age this becomes a huge amount of work for us.  Therefore I decided to make a chore into play.  I tackle only one small area and see how long it takes me to complete.  Am I only fooling myself?
 Here is a pile of lovely Fall leaves.  These are mostly Oak, Maple, Redbuds and Crepe Myrtles.  No, I do not want to jump into this pile and play.  I am not much for getting dirty. 
Here are two of our large trash containers that I filled with raked debris.  I had to leave room for the compactor bags of real trash. 
This is down the side of our steep driveway...16% grade!  Mr. C raked 18 piles of pine needles and twigs and debris.  Somehow he doesn't think of this as play.
And here is a container of more leaves and rose clippings that I managed to accumulate.  You can see I have not done any of the detail pick up which requires me to crawl around on my hands and knees.  Our winter weather is very warm so far but the ground is wet and cold and I am still getting over my being sick so I do not want to risk getting damp.
The huge trees really make a mess when the wind blows.  There are cedar droppings and limbs everywhere and they really make it a challenge to rake.  Here is another pile I can't fit into my overly full wheelbarrow.  I also can't lift the wheelbarrow so Mr. C will be helping me.
After all my play I got to do, this is the reward...a clean lawn ready for winter snow.  It really does feel good to get this done.  Of course this is only a drop in the bucket for all the area we need to do. 
From reading your blogs it would seem that 2012 is off to a really creative start. 
I am so grateful for all of your comments and I really must admit that I look forward to them.  Do you enjoy comments left on your blogs?
Blissful and Creative 2012 to each of you...


  1. I know you feel good after completing this task. It feels so good to get outside and get something done. The yard looks nice for all that snow!

  2. One thing is I am pondering is my "Word" of the year! I love yours, "Play" Because while so many things do constitute play, many circumstances it is simply how you approach a certain activity!. Bravo!

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    Art by Karena

  3. Sounds like our place. I do agree it is too cold and damp to get down on the ground. How about making a huge compost for the leaves? Would break down into great mulch eventually. Anyway it all looks great. Take it easy don't get sick again. Hugs!

  4. Ah my friend! You are far braver than we! We had many acres in our last home, and like you only maintained 2. And when we moved we were so happy to only have one!!!
    You could use some of those twigs in your art, and dry some leaves....
    I see you having lots to play with!!
    You are awesome!!

  5. Sure looks like a lot of work but what a great job to have done :)

  6. Looks like fun to me :) I love being outdoors as much as I love my studio! And of course I enjoy your heartfelt comments on my blog, I appreciate knowing people stopped by (even though I know they did with my traffic tracker), it makes it so much more personal with comments :D

  7. Hi Sherry,

    Thank you so much for stopping by earlier to visit my blog, and for your lovely comments.
    I understand about doing a little yard work at a time. Unfortunately I do very little outside because of some physical issues that I have. I manage to sweep away the leaves from our front door and that's about all. My hubby does the rest and thank God he enjoys doing it too!! :)

    I was admiring your beautiful Wool rose in your last post. I love roses so much!

    I have also become a follower of yours now and it is about time!!! :)

    Blessings, Happiness and Good Health in 2012.

    Hugs and smiles,


  8. Your home and garden look lovely Sherry.What a lot of work piled up while you were both ill and away. Lawn looks lovely. One job at a time, and you'll be done in no time.
    I've just started Scrapbooking/card making...A few gadgets to learn how to use.Thank goodness for You Tube and tutorials. Don't we live in an amazing age!!

  9. Well, aren't you the clever one to make your work into PLAY! Great idea! Really fun to see glimpses of your yard, wonderful rock wall, etc.
    Thanks for visiting me! Take care that you don't overdo - don't want to get sick again!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Aralia Jane

  10. Oh you have such beautiful grounds, but yes I can see how the raking would be a difficult task to keep managed. I used to rake my pine needles and always replaced them with bark nuggets, as it just looked better to me, the coloring a rich hue and smelled good too. I do not miss raking, for sure! Here in Texas I see nothing but green grass.

    I love comments, and I am always appreciative of the ladies who leave them. I have also been catching up on my blog reading, and have found so much inspiration and creativity! It's a wonderful start to the New Year!

    hugs, xo Sher

  11. You do have a nice big yard to play in. I do, too. I just remind myself that different kinds of play and creative outlets are very beneficial. Comments always add something to the post and the day. I do wish you had asked if anyone knows of a low zoned but very tidy kind of tree. LOL

  12. Your yard looks wonderful - but it doesn't look like you have had any snow? It always feels good to get the leaves finished (or partly cleared) for the season! Happy New Year!

  13. Greetings this Saturday morning. Looks like your play was a lot of work, but like you said the reward it beautiful. You property is gorgeous. It is a lot to maintain and although we do not have the acres anymore, we still have a lot of work too. Each year it gets a little more of a challenge, but I think it helps to keep one young and moving. Always something to do and keep up isn't it?
    Well, we have more leave to rake and pick up today too, so out we go!!

    Have a wonderful weekend dear girl.
    XO CM
    p.s. loved your comment about having done broomstick lace crochet too. It is so fun. Been doing this pattern for over 30 years and still not tired of it.

  14. It's all in the attitude! Thinking of it as play makes it a less tedious chore, I've found, so well done you. It looks like a beautiful spot, but it does take time to keep it looking that way.
    Take care and get all better soon.

  15. Wow, 10 acres. I would love to live on a large piece of property and have many animals on it. I know it would be lots of work, but I am sure well worth it
    Gorgeous piece of property. Have fun raking, oops playing with your rakes sounds better.


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