Monday, January 9, 2012

Lucious Wools & Lapel Flowers...

I am really loving working with my wool fabrics.  I have purchased quite a few smaller pieces in coordinated color combinations.  It is amazing how quickly they add up into the major dollar pricing.  As you can see I am really into the blues and greys.  I love these colors. 
 Here is one I made with a vintage button as the center.  The blues really stand out on this grey wool blazer.  This flower is not as dimensional as some and I like the way it sits on the lapel.
This wool flower uses some hand woven wool pieces and some tweed wool.  The dimension on this flower is much more 3D and I believe the hand woven pieces give it the fullness.  For the center I used a piece of vintage rhinestone costume jewelry and it gives a nice sparkle to the flower. 
I am not getting tired of making these so you may see more in the near future.  Are you making anything with wool fabric?  Are you tired of seeing these flowers?
This new year is beginning well and I hope you are enjoying good health and creativity.


  1. They are wonderful,-I love making flowers,too.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous. Love the blues and greys. I am sure we will see more and I am sure they will be beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Looking very pretty on the lapels. I haven't worked in wool, yet......I can see you're enjoying it. Hugs

  4. Tweed wool...Vintage rhinestone piece...all that luscious Wool!!! ..I am a lover of Wool! I just found some 1970's Irish wool at a Plantation sale last week, and was absolutely giddy. It isn't very big, about half a yard, but it is beautiful. Thank you for this lovely post! Your Flower Brooches are just so sweet! xo

  5. Sherry, just caught up on your blog! You are awesome! Love the wool flower creations and particularly enjoyed the blog, re the doll wrapping paper! I am smittened by the vintage creations! The snowman sachet was adorable! Yes, I do make cards ahead, keeping a pretty good stash. I, too, have a special place for handmade gifts for my friends and family. I love and live by the idea: "When you Care Enough to Make it By Hand".
    You are my hero!

  6. Totally awesome flower! I'm not making any fabric flowers for sure, but I am making paper ones! And I'll never be tired of seeing these!!

  7. You, my sweet friend, are so very creative and talented. I like your ideas a lot and I do love this blue gorgeousness! You photographed it very pretty too.
    Happy Thursday xxxx

  8. Making flowers is so much fun and there are just so many ways they can be made and with so many different materials! These look so lovely!

  9. Very pretty!

    I have made some wool flower pins also.... by using felted wool. Thrift store wool sweaters I then shrunk, wonderful for cutting, quite fun!

    Yours are fabulous!
    ~ Violet

  10. De bien jolies broches ! Bisous et à bientôt


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