Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Made Something...

 I spent time in my studio and I actually made something.  I had an idea in my head and needed a gift for my girlfriend who had her birthday on January 2nd.  Since I had not been creative for so long I was concerned that it would come out terrible and then I would need to rush out and buy something that isn't personal or from the heart...which I detest doing.  You might know that old feeling of not doing something "perfect".  Well, I have been working for a really long time to get over that feeling.  After all...nothing is "perfect" and therefore that excuse just doesn't have any merit.  Relax...and create!  Handmade is the best after all.
This is the little lavender sachet I made her.  She loves snowmen and I thought this would make her smile.  It did and she loved it.  It felt so good to create what I had in my mind and have it come out as cute as I had imagined.  Now, of course, I have lots of ideas from this and will be planning on making additional gifts throughout the year. 
My gift cupboard is pretty bare after the holidays.  I am one of those types who shop and make all year long and keep a cupboard of gifts for recipients.  Actually my cupboard is fairly small so I also have a dresser with the drawers to fill with gifts to give.  It works especially well for me...that is if I label the specific gifts with the name of the person I am giving it to.  :o)  Do you keep a special place where you store gifts throughout the year?  Do you forget you have a gift for someone and then find it much later on?
Our weather is unseasonably warm and we have no rain or snow so far.  You have probably seen how dry Tahoe ski resorts are and the lack of snow for skiers and boarders.  It is almost 200% less snow pack than this time last year.  Oh dear...we may need snow and rain for our water table and economic base.  Mr. C has had to fill our pond with our well water because it got so low.  He ran the hose for two days and just got it to the lowest level we keep it filled.  I would welcome rain.
Wonderful week to each of you as you pursue your New Year goals and resolutions.
I am off to play...


  1. I have a gift cupboard, too. I just love what you did. Keep creating! You do a beautiful job!
    Thank you for your kind support all year. You are helping to keep me going!
    Big hugs,

  2. My gift cupboard is empty as I made all my holiday gifts this year. I must start restocking. I love your sweet snowman sachet. What a sweet gift. You always have such great ideas. We to have had warmer than normal weather. We did get snow just above us at the pass, so skiing was good for New Years.

  3. Your snowman pillow lavender sachet is adorable. I too want to start making things using my sewing machine. I did make some gifts for 3 friends that have everything. And I mean everything so they wanted the white and gold layout so i made them that, a christmas ornament and a stocking. They all loved it and most of all they loved that it was all hand made. Those are the best gifts.
    I do not keep anything from one year to another. When the time comes I create it whatever it is that I need. I am the type of person that waits until the last minute to make what I need. Bad habit. But I work better with pressure on somethings.

    Hope rain and snow comes your way. We have had cold weather these past 2 days in the sunshine state. Feels great but it won't last long.

  4. That is a sweet little sachet pillow. I definitely believe that handmade is heartmade. I do hide gifts away as I buy them and more often than not, forget that I did so or can't find what I bought because I shove them here or there. I am working on getting organized. I know I have so many things that I could gift. Just gotta get them all together. Much prefer to make than buy. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

  5. Sviđa mi se, baš je lijep jastučić sa snjegovićem i lavandom.Prijateljica će se sigurno jako obradovati.

  6. How sweet that sachet is! I too work at gifts all year long...birthdays and Christmas and keep them in one general area. It's always fun to go there after a few months and be reminded of what I made or what special trinket I found for someone.

  7. Hi! I used to have a gift cupboard with handmade, now I sometimes have a gift cupboard with thoughtful gifts I have discovered along the year... It was a tough year, healthwise, for me, so perhaps in time this will improve! I do LOVE your snowman sachet! You are a special friend. Happy Creating! Kath

  8. Love that little sachet Sherry. I have a gift box..it's good to always have something on hand.
    I agree with the other ladies..going back through the box(or cupboard), and seeing past gifts made is a pleasure.

  9. Dear Sherry , it is so sweet- no wonder your friend loved it.
    I wish I had a gift cupboard, like you- and I will try to think of doing it this year.

  10. Your creativity amazes me! I love the sachet. Please keep creating!

  11. I never heard of a gift cupboard. Closest I'd get are finished quilt tops on hangers waiting to be finished. But good for you, Sherry. The sachet is wonderful!

  12. I love it, a gift cupboard, what a great idea!! Your girlfriend will love it!! I have the same problem where I want everything to be perfect. The crazy thing is we are probably the only ones that think it is not perfect!!


  13. You are one smart cookie! You get a head start on the gifts and have a place to store them, where you can find them!

  14. What an adorable little sachet! Your gift cupboard is a wonderful idea!!


  15. Such a cute snowman sachet, I'm not surprised your friend loved it!
    You are organised having a gift cupboard. I usually only make things as the date is approaching.
    Although I do use a wardrobe in our spare bedroom for storing shop bought gifts I accumulate throughout the year for Christmas and birthday presents. Although not nearly as nice as hand made gifts, there are just too many nieces and nephews in our families!

    Keep on creating Sherry sister!

  16. Happy New Year Sherry - I hope it is full of lots of inspirational creativity and joy for you!
    I agree with Tammy - homemade is heartmade and that is what makes it perfect. Your friend will love it.
    It is a very sweet sachet!
    Love the idea of a gift cupboard too!
    Thanks for always leaving such kind comments too - you are really appreciated!
    Hugs across the miles,

  17. Sherry, The Snowman Sachet Is Truly Beautiful. And So Very Thoughtful. Thank You For The Heartfelt Words Of Comfort Tonight. Dear Friend, I'm Truly Working Hard To Be Everything My Mama Would Want Me To Be Through All That I'm Facing. It's Just Nice When Someone Reaches Out. It Means More Than You May Fully Realize. Love & Sunshine, Terri

  18. Its darling and yes handmade is always best!
    hugs Lynn


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