Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Roses...

Thankfully yet sadly we have had no snow this winter.  And even stranger we have had virtually no rain.  So I realized with all this great weather I better prune my roses back before the snow comes and flattens them to the ground.  Behold this is my reward!  A beautiful Heritage rose that smells amazing.  Thank you mother nature for this gorgeous flower I so admire and enjoy.
And here is my winter rose rendition made of delicious wools and lace.  I used four wools all in grey tones including a plaid.  The lace was added to soften and add feminity to this piece.  One of my favorite vintage buttons for the center finishes it off perfectly.  A pin back makes it easy to wear on a coat or blazer or tote bag. 
This is how I presented it to my friend.  She really liked it and had the perfect grey plaid jacket to adorn with this rose. 
I continue to love making my gifts I give as it really keeps me in total thoughts of that special person I am creating something for. 
As I post this I can hear my wool fabrics pieces calling me to create with them.  I love the feel of wool and how easy it is to work with.  It adds a wonderful richness to the finished piece. 
Do you create with wool fabric?  What do you like to make with it? 
Blissful creating in this fresh new year 2012...


  1. Georgeous!!!!!
    and my new favorite color,
    really love grays this winter.
    Nice job....lucky friend.
    Hugs, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. What a great thing to make with wool scraps! Today I was just thinking that I should make some flower pins. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  3. I don't know which one I like better. The rose from mother nature is nice, especially this time of year, but your wool rose is Gorgeous. No doubt your friend Loved it. Never worked with wool fabric before. I can't wear wool as I break out so wonder how my hands would react?
    Hugs Lynn

  4. Both roses are gorgeous. I like the way you presented your handmade one. A lovely gift indeed. Happy Thursday to you. Tammy

  5. I love all kinds of roses, but who would have thought a wool rose could be so pretty? I'll have to look and see if I have any wool left in my stash!

  6. Your rose is beautiful. I love the grey tone and the added lace , a definite plus. I am sure your friends jacket received lots of compliments. Gorgeous.
    Hope you get some rain and snow soon. Beautiful rose. I hope the smell of the roses in your home inspires you to create even more beautiful flowers.

    I have not in the crafting mood. My poor mom is in the hospital and my spirits for crafting are not all there.

  7. Isn't this the oddest winter! I can't imagine a rose outside right now. How beautiful and I absolutely adore your wool roses.

  8. Mother Nature's rose is gorgeous, and such a lovely sight as we are under 10" of snow and cold, with rain expected in a few days.
    Love your wool rose, too. I loved working with wool when I was doing dimensional wool rug hooking......I still have some patterns and supplies around here somewhere.....

  9. Dear Sherry,
    both your roses are beautiful-
    the lillac one -what a fantastic colour- and the grey one- so very wonderful- I think you have inspired me :)

  10. Two gorgeous roses. I have a minature red rose out at the moment which only flowers generally in June. Amazing. Love your wool made one. Hugs Mrs A.

  11. Oh Yes, that is perfect for a winter coat!! We had a freeze 2 nights ago here in Orlando, I covered all the flowers, but think they might not have made it....Bummer!


  12. I love your Heritage rose! Beautiful. And don't you just LOVE working with Wool? And lace bits...your pin is just delightful. I love how you layered it with so many pretty pieces! I use Wool in my handmade Canvas as it does make the most beautiful flowers, and also lends a touch of Nostalgia to my old fashioned taste {I can still smell my grandmothers wool coat and the warmth radiating from it}. Hope you have a great Friday and relaxing weekend my friend!! xoxo

  13. Who wouldn't love that flower! Looks like you've made a fabulous, creative start to 2012...Happy New Year - Tanya

  14. How beautiful to have such a lovely rose blooming in January! Our winter is totally off as well and we're 20 degrees above normal today! Can't recall if I've ever made anything with wool fabric. Your grey rose looks wonderful! Have fun continuing to play :)

  15. Oh I love this inspiring post. Your creative gift is gorgeous and I am sure it was loved by your friend. I too have some wool to create with and you have given me some great ideas.
    Lovely real bloom too. Perfect way to start the new year.
    Hugs, CM


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