Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wrapping Paper Cards...

Last year for my birthday my sister, Marie, gave me several gifts and each of them were wrapped in doll themed paper.  She knows how I love dolls.  One of the wrapping papers had wonderful vintage dolls on it and she told me the story of the paper. 
You see, Marie is the most giving and kind hearted soul.  She cleans houses for elderly folks and also spends lots of time just listening to them and being a comfort.  One of her ladies knew that Marie was meeting me for my birthday (this was last August) and that I love dolls.  That sweet lady who doesn't even know me told Marie that she had some wrapping paper and went to get it.  It was a roll of vintage wrapping paper with these amazing dolls all over it.  How very thoughtful. 
So when I met Marie for our get together and she told me the story I decided that I would make some cards with the paper.  I made two for Marie and one for the lady who gave her the paper.  I made each card different and sometimes added lace or paper doilies.  I lined each envelope with pretty paper.  Then I tied the sets with ribbon and gave them to Marie for herself and to pass along to her client. 
This is such an easy way to use paper that would otherwise be thrown out.  I like to crumple the paper and give it a real worn look with all the wrinkles and character. Wrapping paper works really well because it is lightweight and easy to work with.  You can tear around the image for one look or cut around it for another version.  If tearing...remember the paper torn off away from you will leave a clean edge and the paper torn off towards you will leave a white edge.  That can also be part of the look for the finished cards. Try using tissue paper on cardstock.  You can either buy blank cards and envelopes or you can cut card stock and use that for the cards.  Envelopes are fun and easy to make from templates or just buy blank envelopes at the supply store. for birthdays, holidays or next Christmas.   Make a few sets here and there and put them into that gift cupboard for just the right occassion. 
P.S.  It is always extra nice to stamp handmade on the backs of the cards.  I don't date them from experience of misplacing them and finding them years later...not good to give an old dated card set that has no vintage value. 
Do you make and give handmade cards?  Do you premake cards and keep a supply on hand for all those occassions that pop up at the last minute? 
Now I should do as I say and play in the studio making some card sets.
Joyful January 2012 to everyone...


  1. Oooh...gorgeous my friend! I love that you're using something as simple as a roll of wrapping paper and creating beautiful Vintage style Doll image greeting cards! What a great idea.
    It looks like you did your fair share of "play" today. They look wonderful!

    I know Marie and the lady who gave the wrapping to you will treasure the cards you made for them. You are such a sweetie!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. What a sweet story! And how awesome of you for making such treats for both of them!
    And thank you for your lovely comment on my ms blog. You are an awesome friend!

  3. A whole new way to play with paper dolls.

  4. Oh, I love this idea! I love paper dolls too :) How sweet of you to make the card sets for your sister & the lady who gave her the paper.
    Thanks for faithfully visiting me! I'm hoping to get back on track now - after I get all those Christmas decorations packed away, anyway :)
    xoxo Aralia Jane

  5. This is a great idea! I love it! I need more time to sit and make cards. xo

    -pamela :)

  6. Lovely results you've had playing with paper! What fun.
    I do like to make cards up ahead of time to have a general supply, but it's nice to create something specifically designed for someone special......
    Handmade cards are the best!

  7. What a wonderful idea...beautiful, too :)

  8. Your cards are beautiful Sherry - especially love using lace seems so right as the wrapping paper was vintage.

    I bet your sister and the lady were thrilled with their cards.

    I've been thinking recently of making up sets of blank greetings cards - but as usual, it's on my virtual list of crafty things to do! Maybe one day ....

    Have fun creating xx

  9. Thanks for explaining some of what goes into the making of your cards. They are great.

  10. The wrapping paper is gorgeous! Wonderful way to use that fantastic paper and making some for your sis and the lady was so thoughtful! :-)

  11. This looks like such a fun project and the images are so sweet! :)

  12. What a sweet and thoughtfull gift from your sisters client, then for you to make each of them sets of cards! No doubt they Loved each one!
    I do make my own cards and when I get to many our club gives them to
    retirement homes, There so greatful!
    Hugs Lynn


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