Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blessed Beautiful Star...

When our time seems to be its busiest someone offers to make you something if you merely tell them what word you select and you wonder how can this be.  Reluctantly I gave my word selection to her and thought how can she possibly do such a generous thing for so many.  My desire to own something hand made by this  wonderful woman far out-weighed my thoughts of overloading her busy workload.  You probably recognize the signature style of Jillayne whose blog A Fine Seam is such a heartwarming place to visit.  
 My word was "blessed" and here is my hand made star with tiny little stitches spelling out blessed on one side.  This side has some more tiny stitches and a bead center.  The blue stitching and ribbon is my favorite color.  Actually I love all blues in all shades but this is so serene I extra love it.  The presentation on the tag is  wonderful and I shall display this on my inspiration board to see at all times.
I am blessed to be so fortunate to have friends like Jillayne in this creative blog community we enjoy.
Jillayne also made this lovely wool flower with the center being a vintage button.  More tiny stitches from Jillayne as she hand made this from her heart.  Sweet little card with adorable bird looks like Spring emerging from Winter...just like nature is doing right now.
Thank you dear friend.  I cherish these gifts hand made by you for me.
We had some more rain overnight...3/4 inch.  Today was fairly sunny yet cold.  Mr. C and I got two roses transplanted and two new David Austin bare root roses planted yesterday.  We were both pretty much covered in mud but glad we got so much done before more rain.  I must add we have planted new roses only because last year we put up a very tall deer fence and so far the deer have not eaten what roses we had left. I shall stay vigilant and watch to see that they don't get in to eat the new roses.  I can't even count the number of rose bushes they have eaten and killed in the past. I did see a family of four munching along the outside of the fence and practicing their running and circling and jumping.  They can really jump like a Pogo stick.  I tried to shoo them off but they just looked at me and stayed their ground.
As Easter approaches may you enjoy your candy or chocolate of choice as it is so available right now.  I know I am eating my share of all the bunny goodies.  Creative Bunny Hugs...


  1. Such a lucky girl! Jillayne's handwork is beautiful and couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. xoxo

  2. You really are a blessed person to be sorounded by so many good friends. Perfect word to choose.
    Her work is very nice. Love the flower.
    TFS. Ana

    Hope you have a beautiful Weekend. Lets hope the deer stay away.

    Happy Easter

  3. These are a wondeful blessing. Lovely but then they speak back to your own generosity, Sherry. Bless you.

  4. Dear Sherry, yes isen`t Jillayne`s stars just so wonderful, and sweet. I also love mine. And your flower and card are also beauties from her hands. She is such a lovely friend- just like you are.
    Happy easter , and hugs,Dorthe

  5. A beautiful, blessed star for a beautiful lady!! The deer here are so bold, too, Sherry. My little Ellie terrior barked up a storm at sunrise today, as four of them stood at our window. Easter joy and many blessings to you!! Love roses...

  6. Blessed, is a fab word! What she made for you is amazing! I am thrilled for you!

    Oh I think I would be pretty bummed if deer got my DA roses! I love his roses. I think the dear might have an appreciation too! Lol!
    Hugs to you,

  7. Absolutely lovely and such an honor to be given a beauty such as this, Hugs Mrs A.

  8. How Jillayne managed to make so many beautiful stars is a wonder. Sending you wishes for a Blessed Easter.

  9. Thanks Sherry, for such a lovely commentary on my work - the real joy is to be able to make a simple thing that makes people happy - so glad you like it and I hope it will charm a blessed life for you!
    Sad about the deer eating your roses - but then, isn't it wonderful that you have given them such delightful repasts - a meal of roses? How divine is that!?!

  10. Indeed, these are a wonderful blessing.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Precious. I love the little stars made out of old fabric.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Hugs, Dogwood

  12. What a lovely thing to do and your blessed heart is wonderful!

    Happy Easter SSD to you and Mr C xx

  13. Sherry- wow- I do love that Beautiful little star- its so clever and unique. Your friend Jill is so generous and talented. I could think of a million ways to display that little star!

    Have a wonderful Easter Sherry!

  14. I see we run in the same circles...I cherish one of those little stars from Jillayne, as well. She DOES do beautiful work, doesn't she! Hope the deer stay out of the roses...sounds like you have a good head start on them!

  15. I too was blessed with a star, my chosen word was grace. Jillayne is truly a gifted and dear friend <3


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