Friday, April 6, 2012

Generous Giving Friends...

 I realize I have introduced you before to Ana of Scrappy Pink Corner however this is worth repeating.
Ana and I decided to have a one on one swap.  We both love to create and surprise the other.  We both love to make beaded stickpins.  So that was sort of our theme.  I received this lovely package. She outdid herself to say the least.
 Here is a thread spool she altered into a memo holder with a clip.  I have her beautiful handmade card shown here.  I do love blue.
 Inside one of the packages was this key ring.  It is beautiful and I adore it. What really makes it extra special is the thoughtful sewing themed charms Ana added to the chain.  This is so me with the heart and bling.  I told her I will attach this to my very special Gingher fabric scissors my Grandma bought me decades ago.  NO one is allowed to touch those scissors but me.
 This is another super cute charm Ana put together.  I adore her attention to detail.
 Here is a sneak peek of the beaded stickpins she made just for me.  Ana is very proud to say that even though she makes hundreds of pins she only makes pins special for the person she is giving them to.  I feel very special.
 Here are the additional pins she created.  Each one a little work of art.  I truly appreciate all the beads and butterflies and angels and time she puts into these.
 And this is how super clever Ana is!  A bunny for display.  This is one side she decorated in all the Easter glory of flowers and colors.
This is the other side of Ms. Bunny with all her charm and decorative pins.  Ana cleverly used eggs to make a place for the pins to rest.  This beautiful bunny will be part of my Easter decor for many years to come.  But I must add...when Easter is gone and all the chocolate bunnies have been devoured this bunny will be displayed prominently in my sewing room to remind me of the generous gifts from a dear bloggy friend.   Thank you Ana.  You have once again overwhelmed me with your talent and generosity.  I will be happy to swap with you anytime.  In fact I have my thinking cap on as I type.
P.S.  If you hurry over to Ana's blog you will see her latest altered egg cartons.
We have had snow flurries again.  Mr. C was able to finish planting his new rose garden just before the snow began to fall.  I wasn't able to help him this time however I do think he got much more done with me not helping.  :o)  He now has twelve rose bushes in the rose garden and we will both enjoy them so very much.  I will share photos when they begin to grow.
May you enjoy this Good Friday and all of your Easter weekend.  Spending time making memories...


  1. And a Good Friday to you, dear Sherry. You are blessed with wonderful friends. The gift is super.

  2. Wow, you are having snow? That's so's so hot already here in always seems like our spring lasts about a week! lol, well, those pins are absolutely beautiful, what an amazing gift of time and talent, the bunny is so creative and I LOVE that key ring, how special it that?! The little charms are soooo sweet, Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  3. Hi Sherry, What a beautiful swap with Ana. She created the most gorgeous treasures. I love everything and the way she made the bunny with eggs to hold the pins is very creative. She is very talented and so generous. I just know you sent her some special pretties too.
    Going over to say hello.

    Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a very special Easter.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  4. Oh Sherry. You deserve that and so much more. I am just happy that you liked your gifts. Thank you for posting about me and my blog. I am very grateful for friends that I have been able to meet in the blogging world.
    I will definitely swap with you anytime. Just send me an email whenever you want to do it again.
    Happy Easter to you.

  5. Snow, Snow!!! Oh my! What great gifts you got, you get more neat stuff!! I understand you do exchanges, it is so fun to get blogger gifts in the mail. You have a wonderful blessed Easter


  6. Hi Sherry, you are such a sweet lady and I'm so glad you liked the goodies that my friend Ana send your way. I know she put a lot of love into it all. I'm so happy they went to you, everything is so pretty, enjoy and Happy Easter Weekend,

  7. What a sweet friend you have Sherry. All her creations are so special. Her pins are gorgeous and the charms. oh my. She really does get you!
    Have a Wonderful Easter.
    Hugs Lynn

  8. Hay Sherry,

    Ohh...what a lovely blog!
    I will follow your blog.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post..

    Love and en wonderful Easter

  9. What a lovely lot of gifts Sherry!
    Have a wonderful Easter too!

  10. What a wonderful keepsake you now have. The bunny and eggs are such a creative way to display the beautiful stick pins. Blog friends are great! Have a blessed Easter.

  11. Those stick pins and the keyring and charms are all so pretty. And the bunny is fantastic. How fun it is to receive specially handmade gifts of love in the mail. Enjoy each and every one and have a blessed and beautiful Easter. Tammy

  12. Look at all these lovely goodies! The charms and stick pins are just fabulous. Thank you Sherry for the lovely comments you always leave on my blog.

  13. Oh they are all so utterly gorgeous. what a lovely surprise
    Happy Easter
    hugs June x

  14. Your posts always make me smile with you and your friends creative efforts!! I just sit and go 'ahhhhh'!

  15. I love the bunnies! You are a very creative lady.

  16. What a lovely friend and what a wonderful Easter bunny. The beaded stick pins are very nice. Have a wonderful and very Happy Easter!!

  17. WOW! What beautiful swap pieces and love the beaded pins :)

  18. What an awesome gift! :)

    I hope you have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!


  19. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady!

    Happy Easter to you dear.

  20. Beautiful gifts for dear you-they are so wonderful Sherry,
    A very happy easter to you, and blessings.
    Here it also snowed yesterday!!!

  21. How clever, the bunny and eggs for the lucky you, to have such a wonderfully creative friend - I am sure she was saying the same, on her end!


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