Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pen Pal Pink...

As a side note I wish to thank each and every one of my wonderful blog followers who have wished me well.  I am still awaiting "The Rock of Gibraltar" to pass.  My energy level and creativity are totally missing.  I did manage to rip out that awful gray crocheted yarn scarf.  Maybe I will begin crocheting something cheery and bright today.  

Here are some little gifties I made for my April Pen Pal.  I was paired with Dogwood two years ago for National Write A Letter Month.  We have continued to send letters, cards and special little surprises to one another ever since.  We actually live just a few miles apart but have yet to get together and meet.  I think that is part of the fun of being pen pals.  Dogwood is very creative and makes the cutest things.  Please visit her blog here.

April is also Dogwood's birthday...Happy Birthday!  She loves pink so I made her a little lavender filled sachet.  This birthday card with hearts and laces was fun to put together.

In keeping with my pink and green theme I made her this ATC.  I just adore ATCs so I tend to make them for others.
Here is a little bag I made for her too.  It has two pockets.  This is actually the backside with a shorter pocket.
Here is the front side of the bag.  I was so excited to use my Farmer's Wife quilt block skills I recently learned and made a "Friendship Star" block.  When I made the quilt block I had no idea how I would use it for her birthday but knew it had to be the focal piece.  Fortunately my creative muse took charge and created this little pink and green bag to hold cards or notes or whatever.  It looks quite cute hanging over a doorknob also.  I am certain Dogwood will find a purpose that suits her.  I can post these photos now because I know she has received her package and likes her gifties.  She FaceBooked them.
I am so pleased that I got these all completed just before my little set-back.  Happy Birthday Dogwood!
Happy Birthday to my sisters who also share April birthdays...Joyce April 4th and Marie April 16th.  And of course Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Mr. C who is April 12th.
Our weather is beautiful...I see it out the windows.  I did peek at the new rose bushes.  They have tiny leaf sprouts on them.  Mr. C is very happy.  I hope to take photos soon.
May each of you have your creative muse in high gear and enjoy the journey...


  1. Thank you so much for your warm words, Sherry. It really means a lot. These days aren't easy but I am tromping on through.
    I am so sorry to hear about your kidney stone, having suffered with them for years. They are like delivering a baby...though I did get better drugs! Not fun.
    Your work here is beautiful...and I love all the bright colors.
    Bigs hugs and hugs thanks,

  2. Best wishes to you and hoping for an easy passing of the stone. You do such lovely work and good on you for adapting your new found FW skills on the bag - well done!

  3. It is so good to know that you are feeling a little better, atleast enough to blog. The bag is super cute. SHe will love her gift.

  4. A nice bag of gifties for your pen pal. Get well wishes on their way.....

  5. Well, my goodness, I was so busy (!) thinking about your Blue Poppies that I totally missed your next post! So sorry to hear about this, and hope by now it has passed, or will soon be a thing of the past.
    Love your quilting skills in action - cute bag and all the goodies :)
    Get well so you can enjoy that nice weather!

  6. So pretty! Look at you, making star quilties that are even bags now, wow! Always so creative...! I have always loved pink and green together, too. I used to dress my daughter in these two colors when she was little. Thinking of you every day, hoping that The Rock will pass. So sorry it has to take up your mid-April. Remember to be good to yourself, listen to your body, and don't pressure yourself to work on lots of things when you're tired, Sherry. It's ok... We'll do one day at a time... Love, kath

  7. My Friend! I came here to check on you because I haven't heard from you and now I see why! A kidney stone? Oh darlin' that is truly awful. I wish you the best with this, and I will be worrying about you! I hope it is as easy as it can be for you. Take your own advice and rest up!!!

  8. Oh, sew glad you are making good use of your quilting skills. Definitely banish that grey yarn for a bit and try to stay 'in the pink'! Bless you, Sherry.

  9. Oh SSD, I'm so sorry to hear of your current medical condition, but really glad that it was eventually diagnosed and will soon (hopefully) pass. It must have been such a worry for you both.

    How lovely you have a pen pal and send little items other than just letters. Glad to see you put your new quilting skills to good use, the bag looks stunning!

    Those blue poppies a few posts down look beautiful from the photograph, good luck with getting them to germinate. Look forward to seeing your own photos of them in due course.

    Take care, and hopefully you'll soon be back to your usual, wonderful creative self xx

  10. I hope you are feeling better my friend and that you have passed what you need to!!!

  11. Hope you're feeling better very very soon! She is sure to LOVE these pretties, love the little sachet so much!

  12. I am so sorry you have been passing a kidney stone! I hope that it is all over soon and that you are back to normal. I have had them a number of times and I feel for you.
    I adore the little sachet you have made. The one you made me is sitting right here by me. Your pen pal is going to love all that you made for her!

  13. Well Miss Dogwood will be higher than country air when she gets her magnificent Surprise/Birthday package. She'll truly be in the 'pink' of things!!!

    I just wanted to thank you for visitin' with your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride!!!

    God bless and in the words of that wacky old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now....ya hear!" Heehehehee!!!!

    Have a fantastic day sweetie! :o)

  14. You are so talented. Great gifts to share.

  15. Such beautiful things Sherry, I'm sure she Loved them, Bright and cheery.
    Feel better hon!
    hugs lynn

  16. What a lucky pen pal, you are so thoughtful. I hate to hear you're going through the kidney stone ordeal. Did they shoot it with lasers to break it up any? I hope it's already over, and if it's not, I hope it goes quick and not too painful. I'm thinking of you and saying a little prayer ;)

  17. Some how I missed your last post, I did not know you were under the weather. I had many kidney stones years ago...Ouch, they removed them a couple times and I passed some on my own. I realized I was chewing a ton of rolaids as I was doing sales and was always having an upset stomach, well I quit the job and quit the rolaids and have not had a problem since. I hope your stone passes and you get your Mojo back. I felt better just knowing what it was!



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